Tag: Folk

  • Artem Bemba – [2019] Harvest

    Artem Bemba – [2019] Harvest

    What a calm, folky indie rock – from Ukraine. Almost cheesy in its country-esque lines.

  • Zapa – [2018] Triangle

    Zapa – [2018] Triangle

    Calm indie rock or folk, stirred up by guest musicians with uncommon instruments.

  • Various Artists – [2015] The End

    Various Artists – [2015] The End

    Essential dark folk compilation. And a massive one with 48 splendid tracks.

  • Giraffe – [2005] Giraffe

    Giraffe – [2005] Giraffe

    Melancholic melodic indie folk pop prog rock. Boom. Genre keyword density overflow.

  • Wooden Legs – [2011] If it doesn’t last forever…

    Wooden Legs – [2011] If it doesn’t last forever…

    Italian Irish Celtic medieval folk. Great album by active band touring throughout Europe

  • Plusplus – [2012] Game Over

    Plusplus – [2012] Game Over

    Cinematic. Folk. Much. Wow. Mostly analogue guitar instrumentals creating melancholic atmospheres.

  • Bralitz – [2017] Bralitz

    Bralitz – [2017] Bralitz

    Beach folk grandeur. Sounds a bit like Newton Faulkner. Vocal guitar folky pop, with violin strings for effect. If you are more into “self-made” sounding music rather than overproduced electro-pop, you’ll very much like this small EP, published at blocSonic in their maxBlocs release cycle.

  • Various Artists – [2012] Braaahhlitz Compilation

    Various Artists – [2012] Braaahhlitz Compilation

    This excellent compilation is a product of the well-developed German netlabel aaahh-records. Well-developed means that while they still release free music under Creative Commons licenses (aaahhwoo!) the label self-identifies as a “festival curators” nowadays. For me, they are one of the longest-standing publishers of consistent high-quality “analogue” music out in the net. This album features…

  • Crepusculum – [2009] Sing on in Silhouettes

    Crepusculum – [2009] Sing on in Silhouettes

    Ambient guitars. Many of them. Strange, uncommon harmonies that sound uncannily familiar. Multiple acoustic guitars, all recorded by Fred Baty (aka Crepusculum), create a rich soundscape. Rhythmic chords and melody patterns render percussion unnecessary.

  • Nic Bommarito – [2009] Harp Fragments

    Nic Bommarito – [2009] Harp Fragments

    Melancholia shoegaze in beautiful cinemascope. Think Ennio Morricone’s classical movie soundtracks, but in today’s style. The same deserted emotions, but mixed with modern post rock. 7 tracks, released at netlabel 12rec, brilliantly show that post rock can be so much more than guitar effect avalanches.

  • entertainment for the braindead – [2008] hydrophobia

    entertainment for the braindead – [2008] hydrophobia

    Acoustic dilettante post-something. At least that’s how the Julia Kotowski from Cologne describes her exquisitely melancholic songs. Honest, without fancy effects, simple and heart-warming is her music. This album is a collaborative release by the two netlabels aerotone (out of business, unfortunately) and aaahh-records (up and rockin’). 2 of the 10 songs await you below.

  • The Sleeping Tree – [2008] Leaves And Roots

    The Sleeping Tree – [2008] Leaves And Roots

    Dreamy acoustic guitar folk pop. While writing this review, I realised that I already have reviewed praised a track by The Sleeping Tree back in my review on the 50th release compilation by 12rec. and compared him to Bright Eyes. Like then, melancholic voice and acoustic guitar are enough to create mellow impressions. My two…

  • Allison Crowe – [2010] Spiral (Originals)

    Allison Crowe – [2010] Spiral (Originals)

    Allison Crowe sings piano-based ballads. This 2010 release back at Jamendo sums up 10 of her songs. Most are calm, some vivid, all honest and moving. Her voice is the main asset of this album. To select my usual two songs for the preview is quite difficult this time. Hear for yourself below, before downloading…

  • Alexandre Bateiras – [2012] Canções da Lua Nova

    Alexandre Bateiras – [2012] Canções da Lua Nova

    This is Portuguese folk. Acoustic guitars, singing of past times. Speaking of past times, the album was originally released in 2007 on the now inactive Merzbau netlabel. Fortunately for us, the Free Music Archive took over the task of archiving its releases. Only because of that, I was able to stumble upon this jewel of…

  • Cambriana – [2012] House of Tolerance

    Cambriana – [2012] House of Tolerance

    This week’s release found its way to my HDD thanks to the (French) review by @diffuser on this album. As he remarks, Cambriana don’t fail to draw attention to their skills, both technical and songwriterish. A tender melancholy lies on their Indie-Folk/Pop compositions. Like usual, I present two of the ten tracks below.