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  • Chamberlain – [2010] Moon In June / Superstition

    Chamberlain – [2010] Moon In June / Superstition

    Chamberlain is alternative rock from Italy with a psychedelic or progressive influence. Guitar soli included. They do good old craft, no heavy effects in post-production. The EP was released Lophora Williams that has published five releases so far, mainly alternative rock. There are reviews in my pipeline for this netlabel. But for now, listen to […]

  • Derek Clegg – [2011] Beautiful World

    Derek Clegg – [2011] Beautiful World

    This album is so conventional that it’s almost boring. It has the default Pop-Rock instrumentation, that familiar singer-songwriter sound and unsurprising song structures. But hey, that does not have to be bad. Especially when it sounds as good as on this release by DIY Musicians. Like always, two commented preview tracks await you below, together […]

  • Pokett – [2004] Your Picture Here

    Pokett – [2004] Your Picture Here

    Stephane Garry is the man behind the name Pokett, having released this wonderful 4 track EP on the Sundays in Spring netlabel. It is all about dreamy folk music and ears full of emotional guitar chord carpets. Forget Jack Johnson or Conor Oberst, I like this album much better. It reminds me a bit of […]