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  • A Day on Helgoland

    Impressions from a recent daytrip to Germany’s most peculiar and remote island. Consisting of actually two isles—Helgoland itself and smaller neighbour Düne—the unequal pair packs a lot on just under 2 km² of land surface: seals & birds, dune camping & old hotels, barren nature & music festivals, tollfree shopping & a bunker museum. Definitely…

  • Berlin wallpapers II

    Berlin wallpapers II

    After the post Berlin wallpapers from 2011, here the second batch of assorted photos from Berlin.

  • Wallpapers of Berlin morning mist

    Wallpapers of Berlin morning mist

    Fernsehturm Berlin offers a great view over the city. I was up there in the morning on a sunny day. A milky mist had not yet vanished, covering everything in a blurry aura. Enjoy!

  • Almost black desktop wallpapers

    Almost black desktop wallpapers

    Photographed in Berlin’s Museum of Technology.

  • Reichstag dome

    Reichstag dome

    Trying out stuff with my new ultra-wide angle lense in a nice setting. Post-processing with GIMP. Recipe (roughly): Cropped, Resized, Layer duplicated; Top layer: Gaussian Blur (15px), Levels, Transparency; Bottom layer: Unsharp mask (radius 1, strength 0.5), Levels.

  • Schaustelle Pinakothek der Moderne

    Schaustelle Pinakothek der Moderne

    From April to October 2013, Pinakothek der Moderne had to close for renovation. During that time, a temporary exhibition space called Schaustelle was erected. Here is my take on the construction:

  • Crystal wallpapers

    Crystal wallpapers

    Some old and new photos of crystals, taken at the Museum of Man and Nature and Museum Reich der Kristalle, both located in Munich.

  • Pinakothek der Moderne 2/2

    Pinakothek der Moderne 2/2

    Part 2 of my visit to Pinakothek der Moderne (Part 1). Again an exercise in high-key photography, applied to my favourite aspects of the building: its staircase and the glass roof.

  • Pinakothek der Moderne 1/2

    Pinakothek der Moderne 1/2

    After being closed for several months of renovation – strange for an almost new building – the Pinakothek der Moderne is open again and still has its Sunday admission of 1€. Reason enough to revisit my favourite spot for high-key photography. The following pictures are almost unedited, cropped photos taken with lightstrong overexposure. Like usual,…

  • State Museum of Egyptian Art

    State Museum of Egyptian Art

  • Olympiapark by night wallpapers

    Olympiapark by night wallpapers

  • Impressions from Erfurt

    Here are some late impressions from my last trip to Erfurt, the home of the German television channel Kinderkanal. That’s why its mascots are scattered all around the city. The other photos are from Domplatz, where a small fair took place. A Trabant (or Trabbi) is becoming a rare sight…

  • Berlin wallpapers

    Berlin wallpapers

  • Frankfurt

    Some weeks ago I was in Frankfurt for two day. Luckily, the weather was already good enough to enjoy the evening outside — with my camera. The view from Main Tower is great, but I prefer the atmosphere next the river.

  • Regensburg by night

    Last time I posted photos of Regensburg, I only was equipped with my mobile phone. This time I took photos by night, but with a much better camera. Danube and the cathedral really stand out, even against the cloudy weather that night.