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Short notes and announcements concerning this blog.

  • Some housekeeping for page ‘free music on the internet’

    Just in case you do not check this page daily: the article free music on the internet has received an update with my currently (2018) up-to-date information on other Creative Commons review blogs, lists of netlabels, and pointers to good starting points if you want to go hunting for cool music on your own.

  • This blog now uses HTML5 for audio

    This blog now uses HTML5 for audio

    Though this might not sound interesting, but today I made an important step: I switched from using an old, but trusty Flash-based audio player plugin to the current state of the art for embedding audio into HTML: the HTML5 Audio element. What’s in for you? Finally, the audio tracks can be listened on all mobile…

  • Various Artists – [2010] Rockin’ Back My Nites

    This is just a public service announcement concerning an old, 2010 review I wrote about a no longer available DJ mix. I sort of repaired the dead link. Here is the original review with further details: Jenset – [2010] Rockin’ Back My Nights.

  • reaches 20,000 tracks reaches 20,000 tracks, my side project to this blog, is about creating a comprehensive catalogue of noteworthy free music published under Creative Commons licenses and hosted on the Internet Archive. The latter restriction makes it possible that this catalogue can be completely streamed and downloaded. However, music discovery in this database so far was limited by the…

  • got news! got news! is a player and database for free music. As of now (Feb 2013), it contains over 10,000 tracks of Creative Commons music from many artists all around the world. Various music genres are present. All tracks have been hand-selected, rated and tagged. And since now, the database got a new landing page with recommendations,…

  • ojdb reaches 5000 tracks

    ojdb reaches 5000 tracks

    Only half a year after ojdb’s release, the amount of music has increased at unprecedented speed. The graph below shows the evolution of my free music collection over the last years. It took me over four years to collect my first 1000 tracks, while during the last year, I collected 3000 tracks—and the year is…

  • ojdb – a free music streaming site

    ojdb – a free music streaming site

    Edit (2013-07-09): got news! is the successor to ojdb, which is deprecated and will – at some point – go offline. After weeks of beta-testing, I finally publish the link to my new project ojdb. It is an in-browser music player like deezer, spotify or grooveshark, except for two differences: First, it contains only…

  • My homepage history

    My homepage history

    Just in case anyone is interested in it: How I got into making homepages? The following text summarises what I had realised before I created, my current homepage.