Crepusculum – [2009] Sing on in Silhouettes


Ambient guitars. Many of them. Strange, uncommon harmonies that sound uncannily familiar. Multiple acoustic guitars, all recorded by Fred Baty (aka Crepusculum), create a rich soundscape. Rhythmic chords and melody patterns render percussion unnecessary.

Fledgling Firework has it all: soft guitars; calm intro; a slow build up for the final chorus; final chord. End. All is well.

For Hannah slowly gains more and more voices, culminating in a rich finale in minute four. Acoustic post-rock, so to say. The final riffs sound pretty satisfying! Just a fade out ends the song kind of abruptly.

Abaculus Perceptive is the only track with vocals on this album. Voices are provided by Entertainment for the Braindead (review on [2008] Hydrophobia).

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