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Photos or computer generated imagery for my/your pleasure.

  • Hamburg Elbe & Finkenwerder

    Hamburg Elbe & Finkenwerder

    Luckily, the D-Ticket includes ferry boats operated within the HVV tariff. Add a sunny evening and you have yourself a small discovery boat tour to Finkenwerder.

  • Mỹ Sơn World Heritage Site

    Mỹ Sơn World Heritage Site

    Near city Da Nang in central Vietnam, lies a complex of temples constructed over 1000 years ago by the then reigning Champa kingdom. Tragically, most of the demolition to the mostly ruinous buildings happened during a single week in the Vietnamese war thanks to aerial bombings, according to the Global Heritage Fund. Also restauration or…

  • A short walk near Sa Pa

    A short walk near Sa Pa

    Vietnam’s Northwest features not only mountainous terrain, the country’s tallest mountain, but also is home to several ethnic groups, one of which is the Hmong people. Only 5 km away from these views is a sprawling city full of hotels, restaurants, and clubs to entertain the tourists. It feels strange to walk as part of…

  • Essential Hanoi

    Essential Hanoi

    What to visit if you essentially have one day? Ho Chi Minh’s Mausuleum, conveniently placed across a lavish plaza across the National Assembly building, marks a good place to start. The nearby One Pillar pagoda marks the beginning of a small walk to the Temple of Literature with its near 1000 year history, multiple courts,…

  • Hanoi Day/Night

    Hanoi Day/Night

    A first look: Buzzing with activity in the streets, a thick but respectful traffic madness; stores and businesses packed wall to wall, pushing cheap housing into backyard buildings only connected via a single narrow corridor. Atop all that is a never-ending skyline of residential and office towers, made visible thanks to a fierce competition for…

  • Hamburg Dom by night

    Hamburg Dom by night

    Photos taken just after midnight end of November ’23 during gentle snowfall.

  • Pictures of Oldenburg

    Pictures of Oldenburg

    Also, this is a test post created from the impressive looking WordPress mobile app called Jetpack. I want to find out how convenient it is to post from “on the go” without them comfort of a desktop. So far, so good. The post editor has the look and feel of a native app, and picture…

  • A Day on Helgoland

    A Day on Helgoland

    Impressions from a recent daytrip to Germany’s most peculiar and remote island. Consisting of actually two isles—Helgoland itself and smaller neighbour Düne—the unequal pair packs a lot on just under 2 km² of land surface: seals & birds, dune camping & old hotels, barren nature & music festivals, tollfree shopping & a bunker museum. Definitely…

  • Impressions from Bangalore

    After a short visit to the Parliament building Vidhana Soudha and the adjacent park, we went to KR Market, an impressive combination of markets for fruits & vegetables, flowers, spices and tools (!), all under one roof. The neighbourhood did not disappoint either with its downtown cows near cramped temples. And – of course –…

  • Bannerghatta National Park (Zoo)

    Only 15 km from Electronic City, a huge National Park with accompanying zoo sits within a hilly forest. The Northern part of the Park is open to “Safari”, which actually means driving through rather large enclosures for each species. Then there is a large butterfly conservatory, housed within an architecturally pleasing glass dome. Most impressions…

  • Bangalore walk beyond Electronic City

    Just some metres beyond the industrial zones, large residential areas bloom. Old neighbourhoods witness how skyscrapers pop up in their vicinity. And again, (sleeping) dogs everywhere.

  • Bangalore Electronic City Phase I by Night

    Some impressions from Wipro Avenue (west part) before, during and after sunset. (Sleeping) dogs are a common sight. So is pollution from dusty roads and exhaust pipes.

  • Sights of London (dual screen wallpapers)

    For my new screen setup, I wanted some fresh, dual screen full HD – 3840×1200 pixel, to be precise – wallpapers. Due to lack of suitable landscape oriented images, I experimented with rotated motives. These are the results:

  • Stockholm impressions

    Stockholm impressions

    I know, I know, I write too much about those photos. I’ll try to be brief this time. The Nordic Museum reminds me of the Harry Potter castle with its many towers. I did not visit it, but its neighbour, the Vasa Museum. But more on that in a later post. Me being a total…

  • CERN impressions

    A spontaneous visit to CERN was surprisingly rewarding. I managed to sneak into the fully booked French guided tour. For the next two hours, we visited two spots: first was the historical synchro-cyclotron, which surprised with a well-produced animation of its inner workings, projected directly onto its skeleton. Then we went to the building above…