• WordPress Twenty Twentythree: dark theme input fields

    While the recent WordPress themes support dark modes quite well through their colour schemes, one still has to fiddle a little bit with manual CSS adjustments for the input fields. I use those adjustments to make the search input and comment fields match the rest of the page. Read on for a (written mostly for…

  • Hamburg Elbe & Finkenwerder

    Hamburg Elbe & Finkenwerder

    Luckily, the D-Ticket includes ferry boats operated within the HVV tariff. Add a sunny evening and you have yourself a small discovery boat tour to Finkenwerder.

  • Various Artists – [2010] Breathe 05

    Various Artists – [2010] Breathe 05

    Having “recently” reviewed Spirare (or Breathe 18), the final entry in the series, it was just fair to revisit an earlier instalment of this successful series. It unites ambient electronica with acoustic folktronica and even more exotic tracks. A nice compilation for a relaxed and sophisticated backdrop.

  • How to save a lot of storage space on your long-running Nextcloud instance

    If you happen to run a self-hosted Nextcloud instance for several years, and happen to watch or share a lot of photos through its web application, you might benefit from this tip: Have a look at the size of folder data/appdata_<random-part>/preview. On my instance, it had grown larger than an single user’s whole files. The…

  • Mỹ Sơn World Heritage Site

    Mỹ Sơn World Heritage Site

    Near city Da Nang in central Vietnam, lies a complex of temples constructed over 1000 years ago by the then reigning Champa kingdom. Tragically, most of the demolition to the mostly ruinous buildings happened during a single week in the Vietnamese war thanks to aerial bombings, according to the Global Heritage Fund. Also restauration or…

  • A short walk near Sa Pa

    A short walk near Sa Pa

    Vietnam’s Northwest features not only mountainous terrain, the country’s tallest mountain, but also is home to several ethnic groups, one of which is the Hmong people. Only 5 km away from these views is a sprawling city full of hotels, restaurants, and clubs to entertain the tourists. It feels strange to walk as part of…

  • Essential Hanoi

    Essential Hanoi

    What to visit if you essentially have one day? Ho Chi Minh’s Mausuleum, conveniently placed across a lavish plaza across the National Assembly building, marks a good place to start. The nearby One Pillar pagoda marks the beginning of a small walk to the Temple of Literature with its near 1000 year history, multiple courts,…

  • Hanoi Day/Night

    Hanoi Day/Night

    A first look: Buzzing with activity in the streets, a thick but respectful traffic madness; stores and businesses packed wall to wall, pushing cheap housing into backyard buildings only connected via a single narrow corridor. Atop all that is a never-ending skyline of residential and office towers, made visible thanks to a fierce competition for…

  • Hamburg Dom by night

    Hamburg Dom by night

    Photos taken just after midnight end of November ’23 during gentle snowfall.

  • Pictures of Oldenburg

    Pictures of Oldenburg

    Also, this is a test post created from the impressive looking WordPress mobile app called Jetpack. I want to find out how convenient it is to post from “on the go” without them comfort of a desktop. So far, so good. The post editor has the look and feel of a native app, and picture…

  • How add a Python virtual environment to your Jupyter Kernel list

    Say you have a custom virtual environment named myEnv, in which you have meticulously setup an old Python version, together with some arcane packages (activated by source .myEnv/bin/activate), you must install package ipykernel to make this environment capable of interfacing with your host system Python installation in which you have Jupyter installed: Once that’s done,…

  • A Day on Helgoland

    A Day on Helgoland

    Impressions from a recent daytrip to Germany’s most peculiar and remote island. Consisting of actually two isles—Helgoland itself and smaller neighbour Düne—the unequal pair packs a lot on just under 2 km² of land surface: seals & birds, dune camping & old hotels, barren nature & music festivals, tollfree shopping & a bunker museum. Definitely…

  • How to manage multiple Git repositories with a simple bash function

    In the past I have already worked with a project that consisted of multiple Git repositories in a common project folder. For tracking each repository’s individual state together, Google’s repo tool was used. I ended up using mostly its powerful repo forall subcommand to execute various bash or git commands over the whole or subset…

  • How to store HTTPS credentials for Git in WSL

    If you are stuck on Windows for any reason but got most of your fun Linux tool with you, good chances are you are using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). With it comes a full Linux distribution (I use Ubuntu, but there are plenty of options: Alpine, Debian, Fedore, Kali, openSUSE) backed by their whole…

  • foobar2000 – my configuration

    foobar2000 – my configuration

    Just for my reference, in this post I collect some notes on my configuration for the versatile Windows-based (but Wine-compatible) audio player (and library manager) foobar2000.