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  • Sights of London (dual screen wallpapers)

    For my new screen setup, I wanted some fresh, dual screen full HD – 3840×1200 pixel, to be precise – wallpapers. Due to lack of suitable landscape oriented images, I experimented with rotated motives. These are the results:

  • Stockholm impressions

    Stockholm impressions

    I know, I know, I write too much about those photos. I’ll try to be brief this time. The Nordic Museum reminds me of the Harry Potter castle with its many towers. I did not visit it, but its neighbour, the Vasa Museum. But more on that in a later post. Me being a total…

  • CERN impressions

    A spontaneous visit to CERN was surprisingly rewarding. I managed to sneak into the fully booked French guided tour. For the next two hours, we visited two spots: first was the historical synchro-cyclotron, which surprised with a well-produced animation of its inner workings, projected directly onto its skeleton. Then we went to the building above…

  • Details of Geneva

    Apart from the historical centre (and CERN, of course), Geneva has many nice spots. Here is a sample of two days aimlessly strolling around.

  • Lights of London (yep, these are wallpapers)

    When I stood on Queen’s Walk in London, next to the National Theatre (roughly here; btw: this is one of the few occasions where “here” is a sensible choice for a link text, but I digress…), I could not help but notice the abundance of lighting. So I opened the shutter and waved my camera…

  • Details of London

    Some details I noticed along the way.

  • Cyclists of London

    They must have nerves of steel. Cycling in central London is a close contact sport. Narrow roads and dense traffic make it quite a challenge to go by bike. Nevertheless, I could not fail to notice quite a few cyclists on my first day in London. I even spotted the notorious #TrafficDroid (background story on…

  • Zillertal mountain hike

    Zillertal mountain hike

    Last weekend, I went on a mountain hike with my camera. Fortunately it didn’t rain, so I could take many photos of rocks, mountains and the sky. We started Friday evening, walking for three hours before arriving at the hut Alpenrose where we stayed for the night. The next day we had big plans: climbing…

  • Barcelona by night

    While the harbour looks great in the night, the valuable coastline next to the city is occupied by concrete, cranes and industry. The first two photos show both freight and passenger docks. The city itself is quite photogenic, thanks to bright lighting and organically grown buildings. The Plaça d’Espanya is one of Barcelona’s traffic nodes…

  • Barcelona university

    Barcelona’s university building in the city centre is quite impressive. The entrance hall reminds me of a gothic church, up the stairs it resemble a classic art gallery. Behind the main building lies a small park, which is crowded by cats. My impression: it must be inspiring to work there!

  • Musée du quai Branly

    This museum for indigenous art from the whole world is located very close to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. For me, it was one of few mandatory places to visit. It was absolutely worth it. The modern exhibition planning allows you to both visit everything in a linear tour, while still allowing to directly enter…

  • Louvre

    Happy new year! I spent the end of 2010 in Paris with some friends. One of the highlights certainly was the Louvre. We only had time to visit the Egyptian collection and the well-known paintings of the great masters. While the first collection was quite pleasant, the famous paintings were too crowded. Below are some…

  • Narbonne & Sête

    Both towns are worth a visit. Narbonne with its famous market hall and historic centre (mainly town hall and cathedral), Sête with its harbour, channels and the signature hill atop.

  • Visit to Vienna

    Visit to Vienna

    Last week I visited Austria’s capital city for the first time in my life. While the weather was not very pleasing — to say the least — Vienna itself kept its promise. It has a historic centre with many magnificent buildings like the “Burg” theatre, the opera. The town hall resembles a church with its…

  • Sanremo

    Some impressions from my visit in the Italian town Sanremo. The old town rises up the hillside and features arches over tiny lanes, rendering it very dark. Near the coast there is a Russian church which looks bigger from distance than it really is. Finally, in the morning there is a big market on the…