Artem Bemba – [2019] Harvest

Russian netlabel Southern City Lab caters to the niche needs of avant-garde indie rock listeners. This is the 200th release in their catalogue, covering the folk and blues side of things.

A truely unique blend of familiar sounds and clichés, yet unique in their combination with dreamy post pop vocals with calm lyrics. Acoustic dream pop, if you will.

4. Artem Bemba – Колись (Kolis)

One of the calmest tracks on this 13 track release, I most like the unchanging guitar loop, which gets transformed by changes in accompanying instruments, ranging from flute to french horn. Uniquely relaxing.

11. Artem Bemba – Сім’я (Sim)

Only 90 seconds long and featuring bright glockenspiel, this could be the theme to a family-friendly TV show on afternoon program.

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