Various Artists – [2012] Braaahhlitz Compilation


This excellent compilation is a product of the well-developed German netlabel aaahh-records. Well-developed means that while they still release free music under Creative Commons licenses (aaahhwoo!) the label self-identifies as a “festival curators” nowadays. For me, they are one of the longest-standing publishers of consistent high-quality “analogue” music out in the net. This album features 8 partly folky, acoustic recordings of an artistic weekend in Bralitz.

Angela showcases a slightly upbeat song with a slight Balkan vibe. Flutes and whistling make this fun to listen to (and hum along).

Mono is a calm folk ballad. The vocal duet sings mellow lyrics about an old radio, accompanied by beautifully tapped percussion and carefully plucked guitars. 3:41 min and a satisfying concluding chorus, the song is over. 🙁

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