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  • adamned.age – [2013] transit berlin

    adamned.age – [2013] transit berlin

    Clicky soundtrack for a city. Cinematic and highly enjoyable as headphone fuel.

  • Psilodump – [2005] The Night I Lost You All You All

    Psilodump – [2005] The Night I Lost You All You All

    Netlabels come and go, artists stay. This gem of a release was originally released at now defunct label Candy Mind. Its site is offline, domain gone, yet thanks to archives, we can still enjoy its original releases. In this case, though, the artist has salvaged their releases on BandCamp (and added many more over the…

  • Teppana – [2017] Triple EP

    Teppana – [2017] Triple EP

    Slow, uplifting IDM. Winter on the outside, but warmer on the inside.

  • Push Against New Fakes – [2014] Any Color You Can’t See

    Push Against New Fakes – [2014] Any Color You Can’t See

    Raw and strong IDM. Uncompromising electronica, straight like the pixel’y album art.

  • Dream Generator – [2007] Glazed

    Dream Generator – [2007] Glazed

    Old-school techno meets IDM. This gem from long-standing (active since 2001 and running) netlabel Kahvi offers an interesting blend of 90’s techno sounds and 00’s more refined approach to Electro. While the beats and bass synth lines sound almost retro to my 2017 ears, melody and harmonies sound fresher.

  • Various Artists – [2013] Fusion Compilation 8

    Various Artists – [2013] Fusion Compilation 8

    Experimental Trip hop compilation. From the Fusion netlabel comes this showcase of a sampler. A range of electronic styles are united on this buffet. Expect to get surprised by the slightly experimental tracks. The production is excellent throughout all featured artists. Two tracks that span the spectrum of this release are in the preview below:

  • LASERS – [2012] LASERS EP

    LASERS – [2012] LASERS EP

    Slightly positive IDM with a dash of Trip Hop. Bad Panda Records released LASERS EP back in 2012. With four original songs and seven remixes, the release is almost 50 minutes long. Its sound is very relaxed and doesn’t try to impress with catchy tunes. Instead, spherical sounds are combined with straight drum patterns. (What…

  • Serphonic – [2009] Sounds of my Life

    Serphonic – [2009] Sounds of my Life

    This week’s release is quiet electro pop from Germany. Electro pop only loosely summarises the exotic mix of trip hop, IDM and instrumental samples that we are served here by Serphonic. This album is great for frequent casual listening; many neatly crafted details wait to be discovered. Two of the 16 tracks are presented below,…

  • Bitbasic – [2010] Pixel Mixel

    Bitbasic – [2010] Pixel Mixel

    bitbasic releases “playful glitchy electronic music” freely. Very kind of him. Pixel Mixel is still his latest album, released 2010 at rec72, a netlabel based in Cologne, Germany. His music hovers between house, instrumental pop and IDM. This album has eleven tracks, some more silent, some are full of beats. Like usual, I present my…

  • Per – [2010] Ettertid

    Per – [2010] Ettertid

    This release features timeless, synthy IDM. It was released in 2010 by the Fwonk netlabel. Also checkout Fwonk’s anniversary compilation FWONK*50 for an overview of their extensive catalogue. But back to this review: 10 tracks with approximately 50 minutes length hover around a quite neutral mood, similar to Pluxus. Some tracks are slightly upbeat, but…

  • Knoxband – [2010] Emerging From The Shadows

    Knoxband – [2010] Emerging From The Shadows

    50 minutes of pure harmonies. Walls of synthetic chords, structured by spares percussion. Knoxband on diym netlabel is a wonderful example that soundscapes don’t have to sound blurry. If I wanted to describe the album in three words, “musical space journey” would be my best bet. Find previews to my two favourite tracks below.

  • Khonnor – [2003] Lost Pets

    Khonnor – [2003] Lost Pets

    Early CC music smash hit. One of the most-played and -remixed EPs.

  • Various Artists – [2008] Cologne Commons Compilation 01

    Various Artists – [2008] Cologne Commons Compilation 01

    Cologne Commons is an annual conference and festival for digital culture that takes place in — surprise — Cologne in Germany. Unfortunately, I have never attended so far. YouTube enabled me to watch some conference talks online. Fortunately for me as music collector, a colourful music compilation is released for each conference. This album is…

  • Old Bear – [2010] If you can find me

    Old Bear – [2010] If you can find me

    It’s time for some dry, abstract IDM music. This album by the artist Old Bear reminds me of the style of Pluxus whose song Transient you might know already from a Ford TV commercial. The Cologne based netlabel rec72 serves a delicious meal of self-entitled Abstract Hip Hop. Have a quick listen to my favourite…

  • Leon Somov, Jazzu – [2008] Offline Remixed

    Leon Somov, Jazzu – [2008] Offline Remixed

    Essential IDM remix album. Timeless classic with carefully produced soundscapes.