Old Bear – [2010] If you can find me

Head of a grizzly bear, viewn in profile above black background. Bold white font in the bottom right corner states artist (OLD BEAR) and album (IF YOU CAN FIND ME) title.

It’s time for some dry, abstract IDM music. This album by the artist Old Bear reminds me of the style of Pluxus whose song Transient you might know already from a Ford TV commercial. The Cologne based netlabel rec72 serves a delicious meal of self-entitled Abstract Hip Hop. Have a quick listen to my favourite tracks and find out if it is your taste, too.

If you can find me is both opener and title track of this album. It does both jobs perfectly: the first 40 seconds consist of a classic song build-up until the dry beet sets in to take subtle control of the following 5 minutes. It features short spoken vocal samples and repetitive, nearly meditative synthesizer pads.

I would Another evening, like the others describe as a gloomy upbeat track whose general tone transports melancholy, while the vivid percussion has a much more active atmosphere.

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