Bebop – [2013] Scuola Benassi Deluxxx Edition


Crispy, kicking breakbeats is what awaits you in this single on Sostanze Records from Italy. Scuola Benassi in four versions, two of which are remixes by other artists. The song itself is a forward-thrusting floor-filling breakbeat bomb (alliteration allergy, anyone?). My two favourite versions and the obligatory download link follow below. Continue reading “Bebop – [2013] Scuola Benassi Deluxxx Edition”

Ancient Lasers – [2013] You In The Future


This joint release from the netlabels Clinical Archives and No Source features Daniel Finfer’s (almost) solo project Ancient Lasers. “Sonically the music sits comfortably somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and the Postal Service” tells us the release notes. Where does this leave us? With shoegazing, stomping, screaming post rock worth a place in my personal annals of music representative for this decade. Continue reading “Ancient Lasers – [2013] You In The Future”

Alexandre Bateiras – [2012] Canções da Lua Nova


This is Portuguese folk. Acoustic guitars, singing of past times. Speaking of past times, the album was originally released in 2007 on the now inactive Merzbau netlabel. Fortunately for us, the Free Music Archive took over the task of archiving its releases. Only because of that, I was able to stumble upon this jewel of acoustic instrumental music.

Alexandre Bateiras has mastered his instrument, telling stories with simple melodies. Often melancholic, yet never plainly sad, the songs sound familiar yet unknown. Listen and hear for yourself… Continue reading “Alexandre Bateiras – [2012] Canções da Lua Nova”

Kliment – [2006] Time Revision A


If you don’t like ten minute long, plain psy trance with straight beats and meditative repetitiveness, don’t read on. The shortest piece in this 5-track EP is almost 7 minutes long, so be warned. Still here? Good, because Kliment has created a release of intriguing production quality. The music is neutral to uplifting. Motives are slowly developed over the course of minutes. I like to hear this kind of music while coding (routine) programs. Two favourite tracks and the download link are below. Continue reading “Kliment – [2006] Time Revision A”

Sakee Sed – [2013] Ceci N’Est Pas Un EP


Clinical Archives is probably among the ten netlabels with the most releases. This one is number 517, indicating a long history. Check my music player for a playlist of my favourite tracks released on Clinical Archives.

Sakee Sed delivers six tracks of edgy psychedelic rock. The style brings with it that not every song sounded round; but roughness and rhythm make a great duo during at least half of the time. Continue reading “Sakee Sed – [2013] Ceci N’Est Pas Un EP”

Cambriana – [2012] House of Tolerance


This week’s release found its way to my HDD thanks to the (French) review by @diffuser on this album. As he remarks, Cambriana don’t fail to draw attention to their skills, both technical and songwriterish. A tender melancholy lies on their Indie-Folk/Pop compositions. Like usual, I present two of the ten tracks below. Continue reading “Cambriana – [2012] House of Tolerance”

Various Artists – [2012] netBloc Vol. 40: AAIR Attack


It’s great when an awesome compilation of first-class free music makes to its 40th release. Few similar projects have managed to see their 10th release. The happier I am to be able to write this review. For now over 5 years, the netlabel blocSonic has been pumping out the netBloc compilation series, in addition to a regular release schedule. Enough praise, what’s the music on this release? Continue reading “Various Artists – [2012] netBloc Vol. 40: AAIR Attack”

Stellardrone – [2011] A Moment Of Stillness


Stellardrone is an artist from Lithuania, excelling in the art of creating ambient music that causes neither coma nor nausea. The secret lies in finding the balance between repetition and catchy tunes.

This release sounds, while being cold and spacey on the outside, quite warm and meditative. Continue reading “Stellardrone – [2011] A Moment Of Stillness”

Botany Bay – [2007] Grounded


Botany Bay make simple emotional pop music with influences from many genres. The common theme among their various releases are rich instrumentation, female vocals and good arrangements. This album from 2007 was released at Jamendo. The band caught my attention by their contribution to the compilation Freeloaded (play on, issued by Musikpiration once a year. Continue reading “Botany Bay – [2007] Grounded”

Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop – [2011] Excuse me, are you sick?!


This band was brought to me by the now discontinued Free Music Charts (archive) over at darkerradio. The Bavarian band shares genes with Pandoras.Box (review on their album Barriers) from the same region. Their music can be described as edgy, slightly rough alternative rock. Production value is exceptional; recording and mix sound superb. I selected the two “singles”: Continue reading “Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop – [2011] Excuse me, are you sick?!”