• Cambriana – [2012] House of Tolerance

    Cambriana – [2012] House of Tolerance

    This week’s release found its way to my HDD thanks to the (French) review by @diffuser on this album. As he remarks, Cambriana don’t fail to draw attention to their skills, both technical and songwriterish. A tender melancholy lies on their Indie-Folk/Pop compositions. Like usual, I present two of the ten tracks below.

  • Various Artists – [2012] netBloc Vol. 40: AAIR Attack

    Various Artists – [2012] netBloc Vol. 40: AAIR Attack

    It’s great when an awesome compilation of first-class free music makes to its 40th release. Few similar projects have managed to see their 10th release. The happier I am to be able to write this review. For now over 5 years, the netlabel blocSonic has been pumping out the netBloc compilation series, in addition to […]

  • Stellardrone – [2011] A Moment Of Stillness

    Stellardrone – [2011] A Moment Of Stillness

    Stellardrone is an artist from Lithuania, excelling in the art of creating ambient music that causes neither coma nor nausea. The secret lies in finding the balance between repetition and catchy tunes. This release sounds, while being cold and spacey on the outside, quite warm and meditative.

  • Botany Bay – [2007] Grounded

    Botany Bay – [2007] Grounded

    Botany Bay make simple emotional pop music with influences from many genres. The common theme among their various releases are rich instrumentation, female vocals and good arrangements. This album from 2007 was released at Jamendo. The band caught my attention by their contribution to the compilation Freeloaded (play on freemusi.cc), issued by Musikpiration once a […]

  • Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop – [2011] Excuse me, are you sick?!

    Studbaker´s Blacksmith Shop – [2011] Excuse me, are you sick?!

    This band was brought to me by the now discontinued Free Music Charts (archive) over at darkerradio. The Bavarian band shares genes with Pandoras.Box (review on their album Barriers) from the same region. Their music can be described as edgy, slightly rough alternative rock. Production value is exceptional; recording and mix sound superb. I selected […]

  • Evan LE NY – [2011] SpaceChem

    Evan LE NY – [2011] SpaceChem

    Professional music producer releases soundtracks under Creative Commons licenses. Sounds like Jan Morgenstern (the composer of most Blender movie OSTs)? Yes, and there are more out there. Evan LE NY produces epic and orchestral soundscapes. The music on this release is featured in SpaceChem, an addictive indie puzzle game.

  • Galdson – [2006] Roots

    Galdson – [2006] Roots

    Galdson is a Spanish pianist I found on Jamendo. Usually, I find piano solo quite boring to listen to casually. However, some of his songs managed to attract me enough to keep this album. And I was rewarded: through repeated listening I found two songs which I would not like to miss in my collection […]

  • Kali – [2012] Eclipse

    Kali – [2012] Eclipse

    Netlabel Phonocake is always good for that slightly eclectic sound. Singer Kali from Italy delivers an IDM/Soul crossover performance. Music is reduced and tightly produced. The album’s main attraction is voice, and what a voice it is. Go listen for yourself!

  • Sandro Marinoni, Stefano Roncarolo, Roberto Padovan – [2009] Cold Flowers

    Sandro Marinoni, Stefano Roncarolo, Roberto Padovan – [2009] Cold Flowers

    The netlabel Clinical Archives does not cease to surprise me with its variety of styles. This week I present you a (slightly) experimental instrumental jazz release from Italy. Over 40 minutes or 8 tracks worth of saxophone, piano, bass and percussion await you.

  • Alex Tiuniaev – [2012] Rachel EP

    Alex Tiuniaev – [2012] Rachel EP

    Webbed Hand Records specialise on ambient electronic music. This short two track EP from Russian musician Alex Tiuniaev sounds like a relaxed science fiction nostalgia movie soundtrack. Both tracks are good for a short break from anything. Read on for a short description of both tracks and the download link.

  • Kognitif – [2012] My Space World (LP)

    Kognitif – [2012] My Space World (LP)

    This is my first review of a release by Dusted Way Kingdom that focuses on instrumental hip hop. Most releases, while enjoyable, sound too loopy in my ears. But not so with this gem by Kognitif from the French Midwest. This release is reminiscent to good old trip hop, think Massive Attack. Vinyl loops are […]

  • The Nuri – [2011] Music Box

    The Nuri – [2011] Music Box

    Nightwish without fairy dust. Hard, epic rock with strong yet soft female vocals. Slower and faster songs have their place in this 16 track album. Both rhythm and melody excel in all of the songs. It was harder than usual to select only two songs to present here.

  • Hot Fiction – [2010] Dark Room

    Hot Fiction – [2010] Dark Room

    Smoky blues rock, straight from the garage. I smell some White Stripes from time to time. All parts are superbly played/sung. From the juicy bass lines up to the adorable lead voice. If you rock, rock on here!

  • Year of the Tiger – [2010] Electric / Make It Work

    Year of the Tiger – [2010] Electric / Make It Work

    And another release from the (at least for me) elusive netlabel Vulpiano. It specialises in “ambient, electronic, and acoustic”. This album clearly is neither ambient nor acoustic. It is rather a furious electro pop meets Avril Lavigne (at least to my ears) voice. The result is a sweet and catchy blend that stands up to […]

  • Various Artists – [2010] Don’t believe the hype

    Various Artists – [2010] Don’t believe the hype

    This compilation by the Italian dance music netlabel Sostanze Records is for the inclined connoisseurs of glitchy drum & bass. Nothing stands still, everything is beat. And yes, you don’t have to believe the hype that is made of this genre to enjoy this incarnation. Following: two tracks as short previews, then the download/release page/streaming […]