Various Artists – [2010] Don’t believe the hype

This compilation by the Italian dance music netlabel Sostanze Records is for the inclined connoisseurs of glitchy drum & bass. Nothing stands still, everything is beat. And yes, you don’t have to believe the hype that is made of this genre to enjoy this incarnation. Following: two tracks as short previews, then the download/release page/streaming links.

For The Hell Of It is everyone’s darling, at least on the dance floor. From the first beat, a schoolbook example of “how to build a dance track”. Nothing more, but also nothing less.

Sound Ministry by Flux is a hell of a floor filling dance track. The right beats, decent amount of bass, creative use of all frequencies, yet conventional enough to get the in the flow. It might be to aggressive and metallic for some listeners, but it is appropriate as serious party fuel.

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