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  • Various Artists – [2009] Music From All Around The World

    Various Artists – [2009] Music From All Around The World

    Timeless introductory drug for to-become Creative Commons addicts. This is less of a review and more of a SHOUT-OUT to make you GET. THIS. RELEASE. 17 good to excellent tracks have been gathered. They show both how diverse (and enjoyable) from 2009 and earlier is.

  • Garmisch – [2013] Fishes

    Garmisch – [2013] Fishes

    Swedish indie pop. Better late than never for me to join in to praise Garmisch for their excellent third album. Excellent as in professionally recorded and produced, craftily written and solidly executed. 9 7 9 exceptional tracks await you…

  • Skaj Da Waidah – [2013] The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever! (EP)

    Skaj Da Waidah – [2013] The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever! (EP)

    Loopy funk grooves. If you ever wished during a rap song for the rapper to stop talking over the lovely background music, the Bulgarian netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom is just for you. It specialises in that groovy sound sometimes called instrumental or abstract hip hop. This short 5 track release is an especially funky example…

  • Planet Boelex & Lisa’s Antenna – [2009] Little World (remastered)

    Planet Boelex & Lisa’s Antenna – [2009] Little World (remastered)

    Ambient electronic masterpiece. Take soft synthetic sounds, tender percussion and female vocals, mix… two artists that stand well for themselves join forces here to showcase what their styles combined sound like; and I like the result! This release makes for some excellent background music, and this is a compliment. Nothing in this delicious sound composition…

  • Miltata – [2010] For the Heterotopia

    Miltata – [2010] For the Heterotopia

    A cushion made of bleeps. Instrumental electronic music that makes you think of soft acoustic. Loopy, yet never boring ambient melody patterns make for great background music. As usual, two tracks as a preview after the break:

  • Nest – [2007] Nest EP

    Nest – [2007] Nest EP

    Perfectly arranged modern classical piano bouquet. Two piano player team up to create very atmospheric music. Several string instruments, woodwind instruments and a dose of effects are woven together beautifully. Six tracks that show that classical composers have indeed left vast musical space undiscovered left to explore…

  • JT Bruce – [2006] The Dreamer’s Paradox

    JT Bruce – [2006] The Dreamer’s Paradox

    Powerful instrumental progressive rock. And quite versatile. The 11 tracks of Dreamer’s Paradox contain both epic and silent pieces. All instruments are produces with much attention to detail. The album packed with great guitar riffs, bass lines and drum patterns.

  • Project Channel 2 – [2013] Infamous Trance Impressions – Chapter One

    Project Channel 2 – [2013] Infamous Trance Impressions – Chapter One

    Classic trance with marvellous vocals. The German netlabel Kreislauf publishes electronic dance music. This release contains 13 tracks of dance floor filling, four-on-the-floor beats. No experiments, but the production quality speaks for itself:

  • Epic Soul Factory – [2012] Xpansion Edition

    Epic Soul Factory – [2012] Xpansion Edition

    Epic soundtracks to unmade movies. Faldrians Feierabend, a weekly music podcast that I enjoy very much, uses this style of music as its intro. Richly orchestrated score music, purely instrumental, creates visions of possible movie scenes that might still be produced… in the meantime, we benefit from great production, solid song writing. It makes great…

  • Various Artists – [2013] Fusion Compilation 8

    Various Artists – [2013] Fusion Compilation 8

    Experimental Trip hop compilation. From the Fusion netlabel comes this showcase of a sampler. A range of electronic styles are united on this buffet. Expect to get surprised by the slightly experimental tracks. The production is excellent throughout all featured artists. Two tracks that span the spectrum of this release are in the preview below:

  • Bebop – [2013] Scuola Benassi Deluxxx Edition

    Bebop – [2013] Scuola Benassi Deluxxx Edition

    Crispy, kicking breakbeats is what awaits you in this single on Sostanze Records from Italy. Scuola Benassi in four versions, two of which are remixes by other artists. The song itself is a forward-thrusting floor-filling breakbeat bomb (alliteration allergy, anyone?). My two favourite versions and the obligatory download link follow below.

  • Ancient Lasers – [2013] You In The Future

    Ancient Lasers – [2013] You In The Future

    This joint release from the netlabels Clinical Archives and No Source features Daniel Finfer’s (almost) solo project Ancient Lasers. “Sonically the music sits comfortably somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and the Postal Service” tells us the release notes. Where does this leave us? With shoegazing, stomping, screaming post rock worth a place in my personal…

  • Alexandre Bateiras – [2012] Canções da Lua Nova

    Alexandre Bateiras – [2012] Canções da Lua Nova

    This is Portuguese folk. Acoustic guitars, singing of past times. Speaking of past times, the album was originally released in 2007 on the now inactive Merzbau netlabel. Fortunately for us, the Free Music Archive took over the task of archiving its releases. Only because of that, I was able to stumble upon this jewel of…

  • Kliment – [2006] Time Revision A

    Kliment – [2006] Time Revision A

    If you don’t like ten minute long, plain psy trance with straight beats and meditative repetitiveness, don’t read on. The shortest piece in this 5-track EP is almost 7 minutes long, so be warned. Still here? Good, because Kliment has created a release of intriguing production quality. The music is neutral to uplifting. Motives are…

  • Sakee Sed – [2013] Ceci N’Est Pas Un EP

    Sakee Sed – [2013] Ceci N’Est Pas Un EP

    Clinical Archives is probably among the ten netlabels with the most releases. This one is number 517, indicating a long history. Check my music player freemusi.cc for a playlist of my favourite tracks released on Clinical Archives. Sakee Sed delivers six tracks of edgy psychedelic rock. The style brings with it that not every song…