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  • Lavoura – [2019] Ayizan

    Lavoura – [2019] Ayizan

    Exotic future jazz fusion with groovy inserts left and right.

  • Chico Correa & Electronic Band – [2006] Chico Correa & Electronic Band

    Chico Correa & Electronic Band – [2006] Chico Correa & Electronic Band

    Unique blend of latin flavour and electronic sound. Great vocals on top make this a rare find.

  • Wooden Legs – [2011] If it doesn’t last forever…

    Wooden Legs – [2011] If it doesn’t last forever…

    Italian Irish Celtic medieval folk. Great album by active band touring throughout Europe

  • Plusplus – [2012] Game Over

    Plusplus – [2012] Game Over

    Cinematic. Folk. Much. Wow. Mostly analogue guitar instrumentals creating melancholic atmospheres.

  • M-PeX – [2014] ODÝSSEIA

    M-PeX – [2014] ODÝSSEIA

    Portuguese guitar meets modern beats. Guitar and double bass, featuring electronic sounds.

  • Triplexity – [2008] Live in Triplex City

    Triplexity – [2008] Live in Triplex City

    Non-cheesy world lounge. A striking balance between combining multiple music and ethnic styles, and producing a coherent musical release.

  • Triplexity – [2008] Between Light and Shadow

    Triplexity – [2008] Between Light and Shadow

    Diverse trip hop lounge world jazz… did I say diverse? Oh my gosh is this album diverse. The common theme is laid-back background music, but otherwise all bets are off. Just listen to the three picks I have selected this week and decide for yourself…

  • M-PeX – [2017] Carianae

    M-PeX – [2017] Carianae

    Portuguese electro ambient guitar. Excellent mostly instrumental guitar and contrabass, just with a tiny bit of electronic ambience in the background. The release for me has an incredibly intense cinematic touch. Highly recommended for headphones to capture the subtle effects. Already a modern classic, I would say.

  • Bralitz – [2017] Bralitz

    Bralitz – [2017] Bralitz

    Beach folk grandeur. Sounds a bit like Newton Faulkner. Vocal guitar folky pop, with violin strings for effect. If you are more into “self-made” sounding music rather than overproduced electro-pop, you’ll very much like this small EP, published at blocSonic in their maxBlocs release cycle.

  • We&Dem – [2007] Nosotros Y Ellos

    We&Dem – [2007] Nosotros Y Ellos

    Laid-back Reggae tunes. Spanish band We&Dem, according to Spanish Wikipedia article, has been founded in 2002 in pictoresque Zaragoza, Aragon. Influenced by Bob Marley, they craft solid, unsurprising Reggae tracks. 15 tracks, just short over one hour, made it into this 2007 release, which was published on Jamendo and Autoeditados, a Spanish publishing platform. Find […]

  • entertainment for the braindead – [2008] hydrophobia

    entertainment for the braindead – [2008] hydrophobia

    Acoustic dilettante post-something. At least that’s how the Julia Kotowski from Cologne describes her exquisitely melancholic songs. Honest, without fancy effects, simple and heart-warming is her music. This album is a collaborative release by the two netlabels aerotone (out of business, unfortunately) and aaahh-records (up and rockin’). 2 of the 10 songs await you below.

  • The Rare Plants Garden – [2011] The Rare Plants Garden

    The Rare Plants Garden – [2011] The Rare Plants Garden

    Folkish exotica indiepop. Sort of. Meh, this release hates to be squashed into three descriptive words. Are it the skewed notes (like MGMT), the torn vocals (like indie pop sounds today) or the exotic ukulele and beach sounds, that make this task so difficult? I can’t tell. In order not to confuse you too much, […]

  • Allison Crowe – [2010] Spiral (Originals)

    Allison Crowe – [2010] Spiral (Originals)

    Allison Crowe sings piano-based ballads. This 2010 release back at Jamendo sums up 10 of her songs. Most are calm, some vivid, all honest and moving. Her voice is the main asset of this album. To select my usual two songs for the preview is quite difficult this time. Hear for yourself below, before downloading […]

  • Alexandre Bateiras – [2012] Canções da Lua Nova

    Alexandre Bateiras – [2012] Canções da Lua Nova

    This is Portuguese folk. Acoustic guitars, singing of past times. Speaking of past times, the album was originally released in 2007 on the now inactive Merzbau netlabel. Fortunately for us, the Free Music Archive took over the task of archiving its releases. Only because of that, I was able to stumble upon this jewel of […]

  • Derek Clegg – [2011] Beautiful World

    Derek Clegg – [2011] Beautiful World

    This album is so conventional that it’s almost boring. It has the default Pop-Rock instrumentation, that familiar singer-songwriter sound and unsurprising song structures. But hey, that does not have to be bad. Especially when it sounds as good as on this release by DIY Musicians. Like always, two commented preview tracks await you below, together […]