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  • Carlo Serafini – [2011] Gammatar

    Carlo Serafini – [2011] Gammatar

    Why always stick to the boring, twelve-halftones-per-octave, well-tempered diatonic scale? That’s what Wendy Carlos (creator of the soundtrack for Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece Clockwork Orange) might have thought when inventing his muscic scales Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Carlo Serafini took the Gamma scale, tune his guitar and recorded nine songs with this tuning. The sound […]

  • Cam Butler – [2004] Dreamland EP

    Cam Butler – [2004] Dreamland EP

    Cam Butler would easily win any “Be the next Ennio Morricone” contest, the composer of well known italo-western movie soundtracks like Once Upon a Time in the West. Cam Butler’s music sounds just like one of those soundtracks, but much happier. Guitars and violins ride into the sunset, riding on a chivalry of classic march […]

  • EugeneKha – [2010] River Songs

    EugeneKha – [2010] River Songs

    This week’s review is about a great piece of Ambient “World” music released at the magnificent Clinical Archives netlabel, a steady source of “eclectic and illogical music”. Its self-proclaimed aim is to broaden the definition of music. EugeneKha’s River Songs are not attempt in this direction, but they are a dozen well-crafted ambient songs with […]

  • Pokett – [2004] Your Picture Here

    Pokett – [2004] Your Picture Here

    Stephane Garry is the man behind the name Pokett, having released this wonderful 4 track EP on the Sundays in Spring netlabel. It is all about dreamy folk music and ears full of emotional guitar chord carpets. Forget Jack Johnson or Conor Oberst, I like this album much better. It reminds me a bit of […]