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  • Triplexity – [2008] Between Light and Shadow

    Triplexity – [2008] Between Light and Shadow

    Diverse trip hop lounge world jazz… did I say diverse? Oh my gosh is this album diverse. The common theme is laid-back background music, but otherwise all bets are off. Just listen to the three picks I have selected this week and decide for yourself…

  • M-PeX – [2017] Carianae

    M-PeX – [2017] Carianae

    Portuguese electro ambient guitar. Excellent mostly instrumental guitar and contrabass, just with a tiny bit of electronic ambience in the background. The release for me has an incredibly intense cinematic touch. Highly recommended for headphones to capture the subtle effects. Already a modern classic, I would say.

  • Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures – [2017] Songs From The Surveillance Age

    Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures – [2017] Songs From The Surveillance Age

    Coming to save alternative rock. Wow, what an excellent production. It’s rare to be blown away by so “little” happening on the surface, while so much falls all into the right place in the background. Electronic effects left and right, used in subtle ways for great effect make this a well crafted release.

  • Bralitz – [2017] Bralitz

    Bralitz – [2017] Bralitz

    Beach folk grandeur. Sounds a bit like Newton Faulkner. Vocal guitar folky pop, with violin strings for effect. If you are more into “self-made” sounding music rather than overproduced electro-pop, you’ll very much like this small EP, published at blocSonic in their maxBlocs release cycle.

  • Eva & Manu – [2011] Still Traveling EP

    Eva & Manu – [2011] Still Traveling EP

    Acoustic vocal indie pop. This gem from French-Finish duo Eva & Manu has unfortunately been de-published by the creators from the original sources, but the archive.org mirror is still up. And thanks to the nature of Creative Commons license, I can be sure that it remains legal to download the original EP. Four songs long,…

  • Dream Mechanics – [2009] Screensaver

    Dream Mechanics – [2009] Screensaver

    Casual ambient soft rock. This oldie (i.e. published last decade) is a perfect mental “screen saver”. According to the release notes on Bandcamp, the artists were called a “Russian Massive Attack” for their psychedelic, trance-inducing sound. Judge for yourself what you make of it..

  • Candlegravity – [2013] Junpei

    Candlegravity – [2013] Junpei

    Trippy glitch electronica. This album leans more towards the experimental side. It might need some time to be heard in total. But it might yield some exceptional moments in return. I better let the artist explain: All of the other songs are from personal experiences both good and bad and the making of this album…

  • Hermelin – [2008] Hermelin

    Hermelin – [2008] Hermelin

    Straightforward post rock. Hermelin is 4 guys from Hanover in Northern Germany, performing at least since 2008. On April 1 this year they have released their newest album called Tüdeltüt. While their newest work certainly has increased in terms of production (sound quality, mixing), their first full-length release has its charm, too.

  • Stephan Siebert – [2012] 10 Songs of 28 Years

    Stephan Siebert – [2012] 10 Songs of 28 Years

    Beautiful, easy listening Jazz. While there is no single smashing hit among the 10 songs, this release offers a consistent listening experience for almost an hour. Instrumental pieces, ranging from piano solo to a richly orchestrated saxophone jam. Only occasional hums are the only vocal parts. Recording and mixing are excellent, and is for my…

  • North Hive – [2015] Gaia

    North Hive – [2015] Gaia

    Detailed ambient treasurebox. If you are easily offended by non-musical “noise” in your music, give this release a try anyway. While North Hive heavily uses field recordings for its compositions, the results often sound quite musical. This album was released at Enough Records.

  • The Easton Ellises – [2012] EP Two

    The Easton Ellises – [2012] EP Two

    80’s Pop with New Wave. Having proven their disco-suitability with their previous release (review of The Easton Ellises – [2011] EP One) at netlabel Enough Records, this sequel comes as a pleasant surprise. Without deviating from the success recipe, this EP delivers danceable music by truck.

  • Crepusculum – [2009] Sing on in Silhouettes

    Crepusculum – [2009] Sing on in Silhouettes

    Ambient guitars. Many of them. Strange, uncommon harmonies that sound uncannily familiar. Multiple acoustic guitars, all recorded by Fred Baty (aka Crepusculum), create a rich soundscape. Rhythmic chords and melody patterns render percussion unnecessary.

  • Nic Bommarito – [2009] Harp Fragments

    Nic Bommarito – [2009] Harp Fragments

    Melancholia shoegaze in beautiful cinemascope. Think Ennio Morricone’s classical movie soundtracks, but in today’s style. The same deserted emotions, but mixed with modern post rock. 7 tracks, released at netlabel 12rec, brilliantly show that post rock can be so much more than guitar effect avalanches.

  • cantaloup – [2006] tonight it shows

    cantaloup – [2006] tonight it shows

    Acoustic post pop. Airy sound scapes made from guitar carpets and synthetic strings, mixed with mellow vocals make for a soothing ambient album. If these 8 calm tracks are not enough, have a look at cantaloup’s Bandcamp profile, where he has released several albums since.

  • entertainment for the braindead – [2008] hydrophobia

    entertainment for the braindead – [2008] hydrophobia

    Acoustic dilettante post-something. At least that’s how the Julia Kotowski from Cologne describes her exquisitely melancholic songs. Honest, without fancy effects, simple and heart-warming is her music. This album is a collaborative release by the two netlabels aerotone (out of business, unfortunately) and aaahh-records (up and rockin’). 2 of the 10 songs await you below.