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  • Endlos – [2007] Kein Grund zufrieden zu sein

    Endlos – [2007] Kein Grund zufrieden zu sein

    Instrumental electronic downbeat jams. Oh, my, jeeez! So relaxed, so flowing, yet so rhythmic. It’s hard to describe the dry, yet warm sound of Endlos from Leipzig. The more I can recommend you to lend them you ear for a minute…

  • The Sleeping Tree – [2008] Leaves And Roots

    The Sleeping Tree – [2008] Leaves And Roots

    Dreamy acoustic guitar folk pop. While writing this review, I realised that I already have reviewed praised a track by The Sleeping Tree back in my review on the 50th release compilation by 12rec. and compared him to Bright Eyes. Like then, melancholic voice and acoustic guitar are enough to create mellow impressions. My two…

  • Spit Rusty – [2011] Underwhelmed

    Spit Rusty – [2011] Underwhelmed

    Punchy hard rock from Denmark. Loud, very loud. And fast. And LOUD. Erm… what else? Oh yeah, they have cool guitar riffs, excellent drum patterns, transitions. Head-shake-inducing chorus lines. Cannot. Write. Long. Sentences. Must. Move… Read on for my two favourite tracks and the obligatory release link…

  • Frau – [2010] Starlit Carousel

    Frau – [2010] Starlit Carousel

    Soft Vocal acoustic pop, slightly eccentric. Piano and voice are the weapons of choice of Indonesian artist Frau. From scarce notes and harmonies, a strange magic unfolds that reminds of old and traditional songs, though being contemporary compositions. The lyrics speak today’s language and tell beautiful stories. My two picks – as usual – after…

  • Lockerbie – [2010] Lockerbie

    Lockerbie – [2010] Lockerbie

    Icy post rock from Iceland. Lockerbie know the recipe for a delicious post rock album: interesting sound effects, lots of guitars from calm to loud. Long, really long intros and endless repeating of the same chords over and over again. The result makes for some epic background music with punch.

  • Graphiqsgroove [2009] – Graphiqsgroove2009

    Graphiqsgroove [2009] – Graphiqsgroove2009

    Ok, naming their stuff creatively isn’t one of Graphiqsgroove’s strengths, but after all, their music is what counts. And there, the Japanese nujazz artist doesn’t disappoint. Laid-back instrumental soft beat lounge funk that doesn’t distract is what you can expect from these 9 tracks.

  • Nine Inch Nails – [2008] The Slip

    Nine Inch Nails – [2008] The Slip

    Nine Inch Nails is a industrial rock band with experimental touch. This is exactly what I wrote Last year in my review on Ghosts I – IV. While the latter contained 36 improvised tracks, The Slip consists of 10 composed, recorded, and produced tracks. They showcase Trent Reznor’s style that later got featured prominently in…

  • Professor Kliq – [2009] Community Service

    Professor Kliq – [2009] Community Service

    Juicy techno with attitude. Triggered by the recent release of his new Teragraph EP, I looked back to my archive and found ten years of and twelve releases by Professor Kliq. Time for another review of one of his classics, one of the releases that made me a fan. It contains his smashing hit Plastic…

  • Plaistow – [2008] Do You Feel Lucky?

    Plaistow – [2008] Do You Feel Lucky?

    Airy jazz impro-jam. Three musicians meet in Geneva to create experimental jazz soundscapes. Four of these soundscapes are bundled on Do You Feel Lucky? for us to witness. The recording is executed excellently and bring you very close to the imaginary stage, where the piano/bass/drums trio do their workmagic. Two very different songs are presented…

  • The Rare Plants Garden – [2011] The Rare Plants Garden

    The Rare Plants Garden – [2011] The Rare Plants Garden

    Folkish exotica indiepop. Sort of. Meh, this release hates to be squashed into three descriptive words. Are it the skewed notes (like MGMT), the torn vocals (like indie pop sounds today) or the exotic ukulele and beach sounds, that make this task so difficult? I can’t tell. In order not to confuse you too much,…

  • Allison Crowe – [2010] Spiral (Originals)

    Allison Crowe – [2010] Spiral (Originals)

    Allison Crowe sings piano-based ballads. This 2010 release back at Jamendo sums up 10 of her songs. Most are calm, some vivid, all honest and moving. Her voice is the main asset of this album. To select my usual two songs for the preview is quite difficult this time. Hear for yourself below, before downloading…

  • LASERS – [2012] LASERS EP

    LASERS – [2012] LASERS EP

    Slightly positive IDM with a dash of Trip Hop. Bad Panda Records released LASERS EP back in 2012. With four original songs and seven remixes, the release is almost 50 minutes long. Its sound is very relaxed and doesn’t try to impress with catchy tunes. Instead, spherical sounds are combined with straight drum patterns. (What…

  • Meanwhileproject.ltd – [2008] Today is Sunday

    Meanwhileproject.ltd – [2008] Today is Sunday

    Folky instrumental guitar rock with a dash of Pink Floyd. Today is Sunday is the first solo release of the Cologne-based artist M. Adam with his Meanwhileproject.ltd. Electronic bits add flavour to background-music chord textures. Great during, but also after work!

  • Jay Phonic – [2012] Space Pictures

    Jay Phonic – [2012] Space Pictures

    Time for more space music this week! This release is part of a larger music donation I received from Machtdose; more details will follow in a later post. Back to the music: softly pulsing synthpads, minutes pass like seconds. Elaborate motives are used sparingly; not to draw to much attention to oneself. It is perfect…

  • Serphonic – [2009] Sounds of my Life

    Serphonic – [2009] Sounds of my Life

    This week’s release is quiet electro pop from Germany. Electro pop only loosely summarises the exotic mix of trip hop, IDM and instrumental samples that we are served here by Serphonic. This album is great for frequent casual listening; many neatly crafted details wait to be discovered. Two of the 16 tracks are presented below,…