Kliment – [2006] Time Revision A


If you don’t like ten minute long, plain psy trance with straight beats and meditative repetitiveness, don’t read on. The shortest piece in this 5-track EP is almost 7 minutes long, so be warned. Still here? Good, because Kliment has created a release of intriguing production quality. The music is neutral to uplifting. Motives are slowly developed over the course of minutes. I like to hear this kind of music while coding (routine) programs. Two favourite tracks and the download link are below.

Amira is simple and effective. Layering of beats and bass create an intriguing rhythm to play around with.

Lucid Dream Mix 2005 has a dash of Safri Duo in the drums, but keeps true to the overall psy trance sound.

Release page
Play on freemusi.cc