Epic Soul Factory – [2012] Xpansion Edition


Epic soundtracks to unmade movies. Faldrians Feierabend, a weekly music podcast that I enjoy very much, uses this style of music as its intro. Richly orchestrated score music, purely instrumental, creates visions of possible movie scenes that might still be produced… in the meantime, we benefit from great production, solid song writing. It makes great atmospheric background music. Two exemplary tracks and source link are below.

The Lost World could be from an Indiana Jones movie soundtrack. Imagine: Dr. Jones has – once again – rescued a magical artefact and returns it the indigenous people of a remote island. The camera slowly pans out, revealing the still glowing volcano crater against a dramatic sunset. Military helicopters approach the island. Cut. Credits.

Gift of the Gods reminds me of Prince of Persia or any other fantasy-history-hero franchise. Subtle electric guitars spice up the orchestra sound, accompanied by a forward-thrusting percussion ground beat.

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  1. Hi Jo,

    schickes neues Design!
    Imagine: Dr. Jones haha. Lass Dich mal wieder blicken.