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  • Waterplea – [2011] Dream Catcher

    Waterplea – [2011] Dream Catcher

    Relaxing long-form electronica trip. A 40 minute journey between music and soundscapes.

  • Scott Altham – [2012] Scott Altham Anthology

    Scott Altham – [2012] Scott Altham Anthology

    Collector-curated compilation of 4 years of electronic music from Scott Altham’s ccMixter profile.

  • Mosaik – [2004] Minutes

    Mosaik – [2004] Minutes

    Classic netaudio electronica. Still sounding fresh after well over a decade.

  • Antethic – [2017] Ghost Shirt Society

    Antethic – [2017] Ghost Shirt Society

    Electronic post rock greatness. We probably all have heard those drawn-out, long, boring post rock extravaganzas with minutes of continuous distorted guitar sound carpets without sense or measure. This not one of those… Instead, the genre is enriched by upbeat tracks, careful addition of electronic effects and ornamentation. In short: it sounds pretty fresh! Read…

  • Various Artists – [2016] Toucan Music Presents 2016

    Various Artists – [2016] Toucan Music Presents 2016

    Excellent trance mix. Toucan Music is one of the household names for well-produced electronic dance music in the Creative Commons scene. It has been releasing free music as a netlabel for more than ten years now, and its annual mixes never fail to impress. Last year’s mix contains 20 tracks.

  • Various Artists – [2012] Braaahhlitz Compilation

    Various Artists – [2012] Braaahhlitz Compilation

    This excellent compilation is a product of the well-developed German netlabel aaahh-records. Well-developed means that while they still release free music under Creative Commons licenses (aaahhwoo!) the label self-identifies as a “festival curators” nowadays. For me, they are one of the longest-standing publishers of consistent high-quality “analogue” music out in the net. This album features…

  • Intoxicated Piano – [2013] Vice Versa

    Intoxicated Piano – [2013] Vice Versa

    Juicy indie-pop with scratchy vocals. This album contains five melodic songs, beautifully arranged around piano and the singer Oxy. It is brought to us by the Russian netlabel Mixgalaxy. It features solid production, classy song arrangements and a wonderful singer. Read on for two preview songs and the download link.

  • Knoxband – [2010] Emerging From The Shadows

    Knoxband – [2010] Emerging From The Shadows

    50 minutes of pure harmonies. Walls of synthetic chords, structured by spares percussion. Knoxband on diym netlabel is a wonderful example that soundscapes don’t have to sound blurry. If I wanted to describe the album in three words, “musical space journey” would be my best bet. Find previews to my two favourite tracks below.