Scott Altham – [2012] Scott Altham Anthology

This review is special in that I am the curator of this grandiosely named Anthology. I stumbled upon Scott’s ccMixter profile, where he publishes single tracks, whereas I am a stubborn collector of proper releases. So what to do? His using a Creative Commons license allowed me to create a collection of my favourite tracks from his profiles, uploading it to the Internet Archive. I felt bad about reviewing then, but 7 years later I think I owe it to the artist to publicize his work. It is a bit weird to select my favourites among a pre-selected collection, so I let my usual restriction slip and hit you with not 2, not 3, but whopping 4 tracks:

2. Scott Altham – I Wonder If God Was Sleeping (Transcedence Edit)

Straight-up solid trance for 5 minutes, with a punchy intro.

14. Scott Altham – Hear Us Now (Poptastic Mix)

Guitar-driven vocal pop. The brass part adds flavour. Tastic!

22. Scott Altham – What I Used to Be

P!nk would approve of the octave-jumping synth line here. The track starts to feel a bit loop-heavy by minute 5, but that’s like nitpicking a British golf course fairway’s condition.

25. Scott Altham – The Key

I don’t know what happened with the vocal track, but I very much approve of the bombastic musical arrangement around it.

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