Waterplea – [2011] Dream Catcher

Although these tracks have been released not only once, but twice, they seem to have kept a low profile online: Formerly released as a 4-track album on now defunct netlabel Mixgalaxy, later re-released as part of a longer 11-track album called Rudimentary Oscillations via Bandcamp, these sounds have yet to find a broader audience. If you like what you hear, consider supporting the artists.

2. Waterplea – DD

This track contains almost the complete album, to emphasise the continuous nature of the production process. While you could easily cut in between musical inserts, the sound never stops and thus benefits massively from the uninterrupted flow.

4. Waterplea – Strays

The album’s farewell is mellow yet (comparably) active. Drops you back into reality, yet stops mid-senten…

Upgrade recommendation: track 6. Yeartides (Part 2) (on Rudimentary Oscillation) is a calm uplifting continuation of the original tracks’ vision.

Re-Release page (Bandcamp)
Release mirror (archive.org)