Tag: Chiptune

  • Various Artists – [2011] BACKUP11

    Various Artists – [2011] BACKUP11

    Exceptional chiptune compilation for Platine Festival in Cologne. Great contributions from well-known artists.

  • Bit Shifter – [2006] Information Chase

    Bit Shifter – [2006] Information Chase

    Essential chiptune album from the (g)olden age of Creative Commons music.

  • Virt – [2003] FX EP

    Virt – [2003] FX EP

    Classic(al) chiptunes. Virt is one of the great masters of this genre. Chiptunes are about taking the limited resources of old audio hardware and trying to bend the space of what is possible within these constraints. This EP (and it’s successor, FX 2.0) are soundtracks to imaginary NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1980s) games. And then…

  • Various Artists – [2009] Netaudio 2009 – Acroplane and The Centrifuge

    Various Artists – [2009] Netaudio 2009 – Acroplane and The Centrifuge

    Classic netaudio sampler. Nowadays, netlabel Acroplane release new albums on Bandcamp. Unfortunately, they did not move all their releases there. Fortunately, their back catalogue is archived at my favourite well-known place. This compilation has 18 diverse tracks from chiptunes over breakcore to glitchy IDM.

  • Superspink – [2010] Elements

    Superspink – [2010] Elements

    Chiptunes meets techno rock. 8 bit nostalgia goes dance floor, but so well. Conventional beats, fat bass lines are juiced up for an elementary experience. The four greek elements plus void make five tracks, each different but all together danceable. Thanks go to the Japanese netlabel Bumb Foot that has been publishing great electronic for…

  • Anamanaguchi – [2010] Power Supply

    Anamanaguchi – [2010] Power Supply

    Yummy chiptunes from New York! Powerful beats, juicy chords and lovely melody lines show what sound can be made from those old 8 bit sound chips from vintage computers and consoles. Seven very different tracks make this one of the few chiptune releases that I like to hear from start to finish without getting bored.…

  • Various Artists – [2011] SOUNDSHOCK: FM FUNK MADDNESS!!

    Various Artists – [2011] SOUNDSHOCK: FM FUNK MADDNESS!!

    What happens if you let chiptune artists create Funk music? This compilation, I would say. Stuffed with citations from classic video games, this 18 track long release well states that chiptune music has evolved much since its initial days. Too broad is the span of music styles, so that the two presented tracks are only…