Pokett – [2004] Your Picture Here

Stephane Garry is the man behind the name Pokett, having released this wonderful 4 track EP on the Sundays in Spring netlabel. It is all about dreamy folk music and ears full of emotional guitar chord carpets. Forget Jack Johnson or Conor Oberst, I like this album much better. It reminds me a bit of Newton Faulkner’s “Handbuilt by Robots”, however it lacks pop music genes. But listen yourself to my two favourite tracks (and download the whole release, of course)…

Walls is a standard guitar-folk-with-drums-and-tired-singer’s-voice song, just with the small difference that the guitar folk part is exceptionally well done without sounding overdone.

Yours is GREAT music. The guitar ostinato sounds like it must have been played already, but the melody consisting of 4 melancholic chords is simply ingenious. Slowly it builds up until the singer sets in and catches your mind that just was floating on the incredible flow of music. (And if you still don’t believe me that this song is great, just realise that listening to this song made me joyfully write such a prosaic song description.)


# Title Length Rating Energy
01 Walls 4:48 ★★★★
02 Rain On 3:42 ★★★
03 Yours 3:56 ★★★★★
04 Sand 3:30 ★★★


Release Your Picture Here
Artist Pokett
Year 2004
Label Sundays in Spring
Genre World
Style Folk, Indie
Download Link (MP3)






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