Tag: Progressive Rock

  • PeerGynt Lobogris – [2011] The Edge of Forever

    PeerGynt Lobogris – [2011] The Edge of Forever

    Varied showcase of versatile artist from prog rock over downtempo to classic piano.

  • The Nuri – [2009] Masquerade

    The Nuri – [2009] Masquerade

    Excellent progressive hard rock with strong female vocals. This is one of the early prominent examples of professionally produced, Creative Commons licensed albums out there.

  • JT Bruce – [2005] Anomalous Material

    JT Bruce – [2005] Anomalous Material

    Instrumental progressive rock at its best. This over 10 year old album by JT Bruce contains just over one hour of meticulously produced music. No lyrics, but attention to detail throughout the 16 tracks. If you like this classic, you might also enjoy his 2015 release Vandal of Fortune (Jamendo).

  • JT Bruce – [2006] The Dreamer’s Paradox

    JT Bruce – [2006] The Dreamer’s Paradox

    Powerful instrumental progressive rock. And quite versatile. The 11 tracks of Dreamer’s Paradox contain both epic and silent pieces. All instruments are produces with much attention to detail. The album packed with great guitar riffs, bass lines and drum patterns.

  • Lüger – [2010] Concrete Light

    Lüger – [2010] Concrete Light

    Lüger plays uplifiting psychadelic rock with punch and energy. What sounds like a contradiction, becomes noisy reality in front of your ears. The Spanish band use heavily distorted guitars, synths and a dash of space rock to compose their take on rock music. Two tracks preview and the download link are below.