PeerGynt Lobogris – [2011] The Edge of Forever

This Spanish music producer probably is one of the most active members on music licensing platform Jamendo: exactly 60 releases ranging from 2007 to 2020. Guitar centric progressive rock is his staple, but he does not like to limit himself to a single genre per album. Note to self: review more of his output, this stuff is good!

1. PeerGynt Lobogris – At the Moonlight Shadows

Progressive rock with a pinch of jazz fusion added to the mix. Rhythm changes make this track much more varied; and then there’s a sudden style change mid-song.

6. PeerGynt Lobogris – Inciense, Glass and Smoke

My resolution to showcase another non-prog-rock track was successfully destroyed by this bomb of a guitar fest. Guitar solos left and right, hammond organ, groovy bass. The calmer instrumentals just don’t have as much immediate punch.

Close third pick would be track 5. Shaman’s Circle for its atmosphere.

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