Tag: Soft Rock

  • The Dots – [2006] The Dots

    The Dots – [2006] The Dots

    Rough indie rock & roll. Simple, straight-up songs without bells & whistles, but with guitar & drums.

  • Still Pluto – [2014] Songs To Mend The Heart Once Been Torn Apart

    Still Pluto – [2014] Songs To Mend The Heart Once Been Torn Apart

    Solid soft hard rock. Very well recorded and produced vocal rock music; hard to place on the spectrum between soft and hard rock.

  • Dream Mechanics – [2009] Screensaver

    Dream Mechanics – [2009] Screensaver

    Casual ambient soft rock. This oldie (i.e. published last decade) is a perfect mental “screen saver”. According to the release notes on Bandcamp, the artists were called a “Russian Massive Attack” for their psychedelic, trance-inducing sound. Judge for yourself what you make of it..

  • Sasha Raskin – [2011] Only Music

    Sasha Raskin – [2011] Only Music

    Electronic soft rock. Jerusalem-based artist Sasha Raskin makes us a great present by releasing his debut album for free at the netlabel diym. To cite French reviewer @adiffuser: Do not rely on the efficiency and the energy of the first title to automatically store the music of Sasha Raskin in the category electro-pop mainstream.

  • TenPenny Joke – [2009] Ambush On All Sides

    TenPenny Joke – [2009] Ambush On All Sides

    TenPenny Joke is/was a rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Ambush On All Sides is their first and so far last album. If features melodic and powerful rock music. Songwriting, vocals, all top-notch. Luckily, they have released their album on Jamendo for us all to find. Listen to my two favourite tracks and then download it…

  • Deadspin – [2006] Deadspin EP

    Deadspin – [2006] Deadspin EP

    Free online music is still often linked to eclectic, weird and experimental music. This rock album from 2006, recorded by the band Deadspin is a good counter-example of artists who offer their first release for free. In September 2009, their second album Little Birds Are Like Bullets was published at Split Infinity. In between, several…