Perfect Smile – [2008] Sonrie

Perfect Smile play melodic metal that resembles the style of Sonata Arctica. Five tracks or 26 minutes of extremely well produced progressive rock await you. I cannot stress enough the production quality of this album.

Like always, I present two tracks that should you leave craving for the whole release. Continue reading “Perfect Smile – [2008] Sonrie”

Obsidian Shell – [2011] Evershade

Sounds like Nightwish, but less cheesy. This could be the end of this review, but I am used to write more than one sentence. Obsidian Shell are one of the best bands on Jamendo, with an impressive series of five releases ranging from 2009 to 2012.

For those of you who don’t know Nigthwish: Obsidian Shell play symphonic metal with female vocals, and well they do! I discovered this release while listening to Faldrians Feierabend, a nice radio-like podcast with two hours of music and interesting topics in between. Continue reading “Obsidian Shell – [2011] Evershade”

Diablo Swing Orchestra – [2009] The Butcher’s Ballroom

Diablo Swing Orchestra – [2009] The Butcher's Ballroom

Take Nightwish’s voice, add a Cello played like Apocalyptica and mix it with a skilled hard rock band and – voilà – you can imagine how the Diablo Swing Orchestra sounds.

Their music is a wild mixture of (partially Symphonic) Metal, Rock, Jazz, Swing and Blues; sometimes they make me think of Mr. Bungle (another great Band, by the way), yet they always stay within the limits of melodic music. Continue reading “Diablo Swing Orchestra – [2009] The Butcher’s Ballroom”