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  • Jay Phonic – [2012] Space Pictures

    Jay Phonic – [2012] Space Pictures

    Time for more space music this week! This release is part of a larger music donation I received from Machtdose; more details will follow in a later post. Back to the music: softly pulsing synthpads, minutes pass like seconds. Elaborate motives are used sparingly; not to draw to much attention to oneself. It is perfect…

  • Various Artists – [2012] Star-Cake

    Various Artists – [2012] Star-Cake

    I follow the netlabel Starquake since its first furious début compilation Quaking Stars about one year ago. Since then, they constantly delivered high quality, hard and edgy electronic dance music . In this review, I describe my favourite tracks from their anniversary release Star-Cake.

  • Professor Kliq – [2010] Movements EP

    Professor Kliq – [2010] Movements EP

    Professor Kliq is my favourite free dance music composer. Now that his music has made it to Jamendo, whose catalogue now is mirrored on the Internet Archive (yippie!), I’m able to write a proper review for one of his albums here. Movements EP is his roughest album so far, quite similar to Daft Punk vs.…

  • Bachelor Machines – [2011] Fatal Error

    Bachelor Machines – [2011] Fatal Error

    The UK based netlabel Fwonk finally got me with this clicky, dancy house release by the Bachelor Machines. To me they sound like a younger Justice or a more mature Stay Ali. Stompy beats, chiptune aesthetics and very memorable (not to say catchy) melody lines make me like their Fatal Error. 10 tracks with over…

  • Alpha Point – [2010] High Like The Angels CDM

    Alpha Point – [2010] High Like The Angels CDM

    Alpha point is a music project originating from a Russian electro band. Their style has influences of Depeche Mode, combined with dance floor compatible beats and straight industrial guitar riffs. The result is not a complex composition, but honest, enjoyable techno songs. They have have released several singles and albums on the internet archive. Here,…