Professor Kliq – [2010] Movements EP

Professor Kliq is my favourite free dance music composer. Now that his music has made it to Jamendo, whose catalogue now is mirrored on the Internet Archive (yippie!), I’m able to write a proper review for one of his albums here. Movements EP is his roughest album so far, quite similar to Daft Punk vs. Justice. In other words: very danceable. I present my three favourite tracks.

Sewage hits you straight with its kick drum. Massive grunge sounds and edgy synth sounds remind me of the electro duo Justice.

Work At Night is rather passive in comparison to the other five tracks. Distorted vocal samples and moderate tempo make this song rather hard electro pop with a groovy attitude, including classic clapping sounds round 1:30.

Nine has a dry intro with sweet bass lines grooving around tightly programmed drums. If you haven’t started dancing at 1:00 your speakers or your ears don’t work.

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