Tag: Lo-Fi

  • MEDL4 – [2017] Anima Mundi

    MEDL4 – [2017] Anima Mundi

    Bassy classy instrumental hip hop. Vocal samples introduce each song, but then instrumental samples reign.

  • Zifhang – [2017] Two Worlds

    Zifhang – [2017] Two Worlds

    Vintage trip hop. Old music samples, forming auditory dioramas above contemporary beats.

  • Tony Mahoney – [2013] Dark Blue

    Tony Mahoney – [2013] Dark Blue

    Faux antique trip hop. Twenty songs, over one hour of vinyl samples, including dust specks, enhancing the faux antique sound, replaying against the backdrop of subtle modern beats. Great instrumental hip hop with trip hop influences. The tracks are loopy on the surface, but the repetitions slowly evolve time, new samples fading in or out…

  • Boogie Belgique – [2013] Nightwalker (Vol. 1)

    Boogie Belgique – [2013] Nightwalker (Vol. 1)

    Vintage remixes done right. Wow, simply wow. Before encountering this album, I thought that remixing old vinyl recordings necessarily leads to repetitive hip hop background tracks. But this release, presented by netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom, fortunately breaks with this rule. Modern sounds seamlessly blend with old audio samples.