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  • Superspink – [2010] Elements

    Superspink – [2010] Elements

    Chiptunes meets techno rock. 8 bit nostalgia goes dance floor, but so well. Conventional beats, fat bass lines are juiced up for an elementary experience. The four greek elements plus void make five tracks, each different but all together danceable. Thanks go to the Japanese netlabel Bumb Foot that has been publishing great electronic for…

  • Alpha Point – [2010] High Like The Angels CDM

    Alpha Point – [2010] High Like The Angels CDM

    Alpha point is a music project originating from a Russian electro band. Their style has influences of Depeche Mode, combined with dance floor compatible beats and straight industrial guitar riffs. The result is not a complex composition, but honest, enjoyable techno songs. They have have released several singles and albums on the internet archive. Here,…

  • Stay Ali – [2009] Vati Vati EP

    Stay Ali – [2009] Vati Vati EP

    Stay Ali is a trio from Sweden founded in 2006 by then 15-year-old guys. They produce an energetic mix of techno, electro and disco music. They remind me of Fatboy Slim; especially this release sounds like it was influenced by Justice. If you want some good dance music for a party, get this album! But…