Nine Inch Nails – [2008] The Slip


Nine Inch Nails is a industrial rock band with experimental touch. This is exactly what I wrote Last year in my review on Ghosts I – IV. While the latter contained 36 improvised tracks, The Slip consists of 10 composed, recorded, and produced tracks. They showcase Trent Reznor’s style that later got featured prominently in the soundtracks of The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This album ranges from ambient ballads with mellow piano to white-noise-laden rock furiosos. Take a nip, even if you think that’s not your cup of tea:

1,000,000 is straight-in-your-face, brutal industrial noise rock. Tightly produced with carefully gauged distortion. Exquisitely noisy.

Lights in the Sky is calm piano, whispering voice, mellow atmosphere, skewed chords.

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