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  • XOC – [2005] Super Mario World

    XOC – [2005] Super Mario World

    Analogue reinterpretation of a legendary console game soundtrack. With almost 400,000 downloads from the Internet Archive servers), this release is of the classic gems of free music. Multi-instrumentalist XOC took the effort of precisely reproducing the original score for the SNES game Super Mario World, instrument by instrument, track by track. By using real instruments…

  • Evan LE NY – [2011] SpaceChem

    Evan LE NY – [2011] SpaceChem

    Professional music producer releases soundtracks under Creative Commons licenses. Sounds like Jan Morgenstern (the composer of most Blender movie OSTs)? Yes, and there are more out there. Evan LE NY produces epic and orchestral soundscapes. The music on this release is featured in SpaceChem, an addictive indie puzzle game.