Tag: Funk / Soul

  • Kali – [2012] Eclipse

    Kali – [2012] Eclipse

    Netlabel Phonocake is always good for that slightly eclectic sound. Singer Kali from Italy delivers an IDM/Soul crossover performance. Music is reduced and tightly produced. The album’s main attraction is voice, and what a voice it is. Go listen for yourself!

  • Chenard Walcker – [2005] Archisex

    Chenard Walcker – [2005] Archisex

    Obscure 70s funk samples, harvested from a supposedly vast record collection, are mixed together to create a strange, groovy sound. This album consists of ten tracks with a total playtime of 25 minutes. Creator of this album is Chenard Walcker, a sampling artist who has released a lot of albums on the Internet Archive in…