Filthy Kicks – [2009] Dirty Little Secret

Filthy Kicks is a music producer from London, teasing us with this gem. Is it a concept album? Yes, oriental influences. Is it dance music? Absolutely. Await to be blown away by this blend of drum & bass, dubstep, orchestral sounds and a voice… what a voice! Continue reading “Filthy Kicks – [2009] Dirty Little Secret”

IlKobra – [2010] Cogito Ergo Beat

This week’s release is unusually hard electronic music by released last year at the Sostanze netlabel. It features monotonic, stomping, pure Breakbeats or Drum & Bass — I’m not so sure about the exact classification. Six tracks with well chosen names like Preludio or Santo Hertz await to thrill your nerves and your neighbours if you are blessed with decently sized speakers. Continue reading “IlKobra – [2010] Cogito Ergo Beat”