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  • Frankfurt

    Some weeks ago I was in Frankfurt for two day. Luckily, the weather was already good enough to enjoy the evening outside — with my camera. The view from Main Tower is great, but I prefer the atmosphere next the river.

  • Regensburg by night

    Regensburg by night

    Last time I posted photos of Regensburg, I only was equipped with my mobile phone. This time I took photos by night, but with a much better camera. Danube and the cathedral really stand out, even against the cloudy weather that night.

  • Munich glows

    Once in a while it is good to have the camera with me nearly all the time: one day I rode back home in the evening and passed by a sports field which was illuminated. The sun just had set behind the horizon and the sky was still in a dark blue colour. The yellowish…

  • Regensburg

    Last weekend I had some time to take some photos of my home town Regensburg; unfortunately I had forgotten my camera, so a mobile phone camera had to do the job. The sunny weather motivated me to take a walk along the Danube. The old town with the cathedral (just called “Dom”) reside above the…

  • Technical University II

    5 more photos of the Technical University Munich. (The first can be found in this post.) This time I visited empty lecture rooms and tried to capture their… erm… special atmosphere. The university’s rooftop has turned into a construction site which will last until 2010.

  • Streetlife Festival

    Streetlife Festival

    Yesterday I visited the Streetlife Festival in Munich which takes place since the year 2000 and is located prominently right on Leopolstraße between Münchner Freiheit and Odeonsplatz. Its main idea is to inform people about means of transportation which can replace use of cars in cities. In addition to that, other non-profit organisations present themselves…

  • Museum Brandhorst

    Recently I visited the Museum Brandhorst which had opened on 21 May 2009. It features modern paintings, sculptures and video installations. These works are presented in an astonishing building which not only looks good but is also built with respect to energy efficiency. Sadly I can only show you pictures from the outside here. Read…

  • Back to Munich

    Back to Munich

    I really like Munich. It has everything a metropolis has to offer yet succeeded in not becoming grey and dusty. Many festivals are organised every year like the Tollwood in the Olympic Park, which is held in summer and winter. Then there is the lovely old town featuring Marienplatz, the Frauenkirche and the big market…

  • Technical University Munich

    Time to publish some photos from my university in Munich. While I think the interior of the building 9 (the cool building on the left of the nightly photo) is crime, I quite like the university itself. About two years ago, the place in front of the northern building N1 (fourth photo) got new trees…