Technical University Munich

Time to publish some photos from my university in Munich. While I think the interior of the building 9 (the cool building on the left of the nightly photo) is crime, I quite like the university itself. About two years ago, the place in front of the northern building N1 (fourth photo) got new trees and become quite comfortable, given its location next to a busy street.

One thought on “Technical University Munich”

  1. GOD! you lucky bastard, studying in TUM you don’t know how lucky you are, me i am a student of operations research in Algeria (yeah it’s a country) and as you expect it’s not that great. i mean the university is beautiful and stuff but professor “oh my god” eine katastrophe it’s not so much their level, i mean it’s poor but it’s more about the mood, it’s obvious they don’t like science, they don’t love it. I hope i can move to Europe for my master degree something like Trier University or lyon university would be great for a low level high mathematic practitioner isn’t it? lol keep your blog going it’s great!

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