Museum Brandhorst

Recently I visited the Museum Brandhorst which had opened on 21 May 2009. It features modern paintings, sculptures and video installations. These works are presented in an astonishing building which not only looks good but is also built with respect to energy efficiency. Sadly I can only show you pictures from the outside here.

Read on for more details and links to spectacular panoramic views of the interior. The façade is covered by coloured ceramic sticks which create an interesting optic effect. The interior is much simpler in design: white walls and bright wooden floors and stair rails: the general impression is similar to the neighbouring Pinakothek der Moderne, only warmer and more comfortable.

Not only the museum is very modern, also its online presence: Museum Brandhorst – official homepage. The homepage delivers its information in German and English and tells some interesting facts about the thermal design. Finally there are three high-resolution panoramic views of the exhibition rooms which are worth a visit.