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  • Photos of Nice

    After about 5 months of frequent visits in Nice it is time to post some photos. The city has much to offer: beginning with Place Masséna and the Avenue Jean Médecin which leads to the train station. In the neighboured side roads you can find spruce residential houses. The picturesque old town is located east…

  • Orphée & Eurydice

    The Opéra de Nice currently stages the piece “Orphée & Eurydice”. It tells the famous myth of Orpheus who descends to the underworld to return his beloved Eurydice. Yesterday I watched the modern production; unfortunately it is forbidden to take photos during the performance…

  • Grasse, Perfumery Fragonard

    Today I visited Grasse for the second time. The weather was fine so I could take another bunch of nice pictures from the town itself. On my first visit (in March) I had already visited the production line of Fragonard, an old perfumery.

  • First holi day

    Today both weather and time allowed me to go to the beach. I chose Juan-les-Pins (just next to Antibes) and was not disappointed. After 2 hours relaxing at the beach I decided to explore the headland in the south of Antibes. There you can find many villas, a public park and a marvellous coastline.

  • Cagnes-sur-Mer

    I had already uploaded those pictures to my flickr account. But as I should pay when I want to manage more than 200 photos there, I decided to move all of my photos here. So here is the reissue of my photos on the coast of Cagnes-sur-Mer:

  • Visiting Eze

    Eze is an old village east of Nice, France. From its superior position you have a great view over the sea and the neighbouring towns down the coast. The village’s peak is moreover a beautiful garden (admission fee, of course) with flowers and cacti.

  • Observatory of Nice

    Yesterday I visited the observatory of Nice which nowadays is part of the institution Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, the combination of 7 astronomic sites in the region. It was finished in 1888, financed by the French banker Raphaël-Louis Bischoffsheim. By that time it possessed the world’s biggest lens. The gallery also shows the botanic…

  • Ecole Polytech’Nice-Sophia

    Some older pictures from the school I attend at the moment.

  • Sophia Antipolis

    Assorted pictures from Sophia Antipolis.

  • Panoramic Views

    The panoramic results of my touristic discoveries. Includes panoramas from Antibes, Monaco, Nice and Sophia Antipolis.