Visit to Vienna


Last week I visited Austria’s capital city for the first time in my life. While the weather was not very pleasing — to say the least — Vienna itself kept its promise. It has a historic centre with many magnificent buildings like the “Burg” theatre, the opera. The town hall resembles a church with its many towers. Various churches and cathedrals wait to be visited, what I did with St. Stephan’s Cathedral, St. Charles’s Church. The culturally interested finds many museums and sights like Hunderwasser’s house. I visited also MUMOK, the museum for modern art. Its building resembles a monolithic black block from the outside.






2 responses to “Visit to Vienna”

  1. Again some nice pictures from you, Johannes. Didn’t know that you have been to Berlin. How long have you been there. It’s a really amazing city! I like most the endless floor and consumism. But I don’t really get, what first-person escape should be!?

  2. Berlin? I think you wanted to say Vienna. Concerning first-person escape: this is my hand on an installation in the MUMOK which was a small backyard covered with sand and enclosed by a high solid wooden fence. Only a small hole in it allows you to enter it. In there you find some kind of shrine covered with watches, shoes and kinder surprise figures. This shrine (made from rough wooden boxes) also forms stairs up the wall. On the outside, a ladder (cf. photo) leans against the wall and a mattress covers the barbed wire you can see at the edges of the picture. Like always with modern art, it’s up to you to make sense of this. The installation evoked very strange feelings when being in it.