ojdb – a free music streaming site

Edit (2013-07-09): freemusi.cc got news! is the successor to ojdb, which is deprecated and will – at some point – go offline.

After weeks of beta-testing, I finally publish the link to my new project ojdb. It is an in-browser music player like deezer, spotify or grooveshark, except for two differences: First, it contains only about 2800 3100 tracks at the moment (compared to millions). Second and more important, all tracks are released to under a Creative Commons license (compared to copyrighted commercial tracks). That means, distributing of the music is allowed as long as the artist is credited.

The biggest asset of this page is its tag database and the mighty search field, which allows simple and complicated search expressions. I tag the music with many fields, among them are my personal rating of each track (scale 1 to 5), a mood estimation (level of activity on a scale from 1 to 3), the release year, the publisher (netlabel), genre and styles. Playback statistics (play counter, first played, last played) help you to identify what I play most often and will become handy to track new music once I start a regular update cycle.

Use of the player is hopefully self-explaining. The playlist is not editable at the moment, but I think about implementing that and a playlist saving feature by simply bookmarking a (long) URL of track identifiers which then could be synchronised by your browser or sent to friends. Feel free to post questions, critic or suggestion as a comment below!






5 responses to “ojdb – a free music streaming site”

  1. Peter

    Sehr cool!
    Da lohnt sichs doch Deinen Blog abnonniert zu haben! Jetzt hör ich grad “Garmisch” und finds sau gut!

    Schöne Grüße in den Süden!

  2. Peter

    oh, noch eine Anmerkung: Die Links zu http://www.archive.org/ sollten nicht im selben Fenster geladen werden. Schwupps war das schöne Lied weg 🙁

  3. Great initiative! Just a boring note: creative commons music is still copyrighted. The CC-license affects the mechanical rights, but not the ideal rights, of copyright. (ie, you still have to credit people)

  4. Great great work !
    I wrote a blog post about ojdb on my website, which deals with CC culture 😉

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