Various Artists – [2008] The Silent Ballet: Volume 9

The netlabel Lost Children specialises in Progressive Rock and related music genres. They offer a magnificent collection of free music compilations called The Silent Ballet. Here I present my favourite release of this series, being on the quiet and ambient side of the musical spectrum it offers. Volumes 1, 5 and 6 are my next recommendations, all with more vivid music. Like usually, you can find descriptions of my favourite songs below. Remarkable about this album is its polished production quality.

Mehr als alles andere is difficult to describe. It is cineastic (atmosphere), ambient (drones), classical (violins), electronic (noise & clicks), quiet (start & end), loud (in between), calm. Best served with headphones and tea on a cold evening.

I Surrender by Cam Butler (whose Dreamland EP I have already reviewed here) is the most active song in this album.

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