HTPC Fullscreen panels for foobar2000

This page comprises configuration scripts for WSH Panel Mod (foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod), a scriptable UI element for the audio player foobar2000. I use them on my living room computer to display what I’m listening to. Installation instructions are on the bottom of this page.


This panel can be used for fullscreen panels and tiny (horizontal) spaces. It shows albumart or pictures from the audio file’s directory. Progress bar acts as a clickable seekbar, albumart is a huge pause button. In fullscreen layout, double-clicking on the right/left edges moves to next/previous track. In small horizontal layout, contents of tag grid table are displayed one after another in line three of the panel. New since version 0.4: basic theme support and compatible with WSH Panel Mod 1.5 versions.

Version: 0.4.1
Date: 2012-07-30

WSHtpc03—copy cat

This configuration is inspired by Windows Media Player. A simple background image behind large album art.

Version: WSHtpc03 v0.5.1
Date: 2010-10-06

WSHtpc02—big background

If you have artist art, take this one.

Version: WSHtpc02 v0.3
Date: 2010-10-28

WSHtpc01—average alpha

My learning script, through which I learnt to migrate from good old foo_trackinfo_mod to foo_wsh_panel_mod.

Version: WSHtpc01 v0.3
Date: 2010-04-03

Requirements & Installation

These configurations need foobar2000 installed with the WSH Panel Mod component.

  1. Copy included image files to %Foobar2000ProfilePath%/images/WSHtpcXX/*.[png|jpg]. (This folder is either located in c:/Users/YourName/Appdata/Roaming/foobar2000 or in the installation directory for portable version.)
  2. Add a WSH Panel to your configuration. In default user interface, use the Layout Editing Mode. In Columns UI, edit your layout in Preferences.
  3. Right-click on the empty panel and select “Configure”.
  4. Copy the contents of the included file to the panel’s configuration window.
  5. Hit Ok.

That’s it.


5 responses to “HTPC Fullscreen panels for foobar2000”

  1. Sebastian


    thanks for stuff you made! Unfortunately somhow this script crashes with my foobar. I have v1.3 with WHS Panel Mod 1.5.6. The message from the console says:

    Error: WSH Panel Mod ({1E79A267-C835-4025-BBDC-3E8D2AA0BDCC}): Microsoft JScript - runtime error:
    Object is required
    Ln: 418, Col: 5

    Not sure what is wrong. Any idea?


  2. Kaloian79

    Hello I have a question if you can help me I will be very pleased. I’m a fan of your work, and in particular: WSHtpc01. I would like to help me to add the project to support for band logo and genre picture ( for this script ).Thenx

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