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Hi! This is the personal homepage of Johannes Dorfner. I publish a new post once a week (every Wednesday morning, to be precise). At the top you can find the categories of this blog. The contents randomly iterate through the categories, which are Audio for music reviews, Picture for desktop wallpapers and Text for computer how-to articles.

ojdo, Oldenburg, Germany
e-mail: jdorfner@gmail.com

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  1. […] existe heureusement des gens passionnés et talentueux, comme Johannes Dorfner, qui a nous propose depuis le 24 mai dernier son lecteur audio en ligne ojdb. Plus de 3000 morceaux […]

  2. Hello, Johannes.

    I have a suggestion for you to put on your website: Golden Grey’s Awaken the Wolf (2016, released on Vulpiano Records).

    Some info about the artist: “Golden Grey is an electronic journey through soft bells and glitchy rhythms conveying an outcome of emotion. The debut album “Awaken The Wolf” contains five tracks, each sculpted carefully to impress. Golden Grey’s identity remains a mystery but that makes the music that much more intriguing. It’s electronic music that is simple, yet cinematic, inspired by artists such as Tennyson, Baths and Tycho.

    “Awaken The Wolf” is the first offering by Golden Grey to Vulpiano Records and portrays a diverse sound in music. The third track, “Slow-Motion”, is a moody piece comprised of a leisurely tempo which inevitably builds up to an epic finale. Meanwhile, “Don’t Stop Running” is upbeat and pop-esque compared to the bulk of the music on the album.”

    Link: https://archive.org/details/GoldenGrey-AwakenTheWolf2016

    If you have any comments, let me know; I would love to hear what you think. I hope you enjoy the album!

  3. […] than a year after I received this public review suggestion on my blog’s About page, I finally got into the right mood for reviewing this quiet gem. If […]

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