Welcome Home Morning Star – [2018] Nimrod

Steel guitars, long stretches of calm arpeggios, loud culminations in 5-7 minute long tracks; this EP by this Portuguese post-rock project knows how to satisfy genre expectations. Particular is their focus on airy, spacious sound and melancholic harmonies. So, if you crave something to accompany a chilling autumn season, there’s some auditory flavouring; as usual, found through a netlabel back catalogue (active and kicking Enough Records, in this case).

1. Welcome Morning Star – Enlight

Great choice for an opener: not too fast, not too slow. A mellow bass line carries through the first half of the song, before guitars take it over. Production is slick and clean.

4. Welcome Home Morning Star – Defiler

Great choice for a finishing track, as well: dark, massive sound walls of guitars, taking turns with calm inserts. Maybe follow up with some cheery chiptunes 😉

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