Various Artists – [2018] Spirare

The final (as in: last) release by Breathe, a decade long experiment in delivering free compilations, albums and live recordings, based in Mexico. This 29 track collection exhibits the full breadth the label has to offer. And makes my job to only pick 2 tracks all the harder…

2. Nick R 61 – Spirare

Dark trip hop, flirting with industrial sound textures, is my favourite pick from this compilation. Atmosphere, production quality, all top notch.

23. Julia Gregory – Skylines

Acoustic exhibit no. 1: soft vocals, gentle guitar, mellow chords, all check.

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One response to “Various Artists – [2018] Spirare”

  1. Nick

    Hello Johannes,
    Thank you for the review! 😉
    Glad you like “Spirare” special for “Breathe Compilation”.
    This is a great project to which I am grateful too!
    All the best for Mexico, Germany and the World.
    Stay tuned