Daizy – [2012] Aramat

Having reviewed another release by Daizy (The Daizy Factory) back in 2018, it’s time to return this Belgium electronica artist. Their songs are clearly structured, built up from simple layers, yet gain from repeated exposure.

8. Daizy – Grandpa

Surprisingly, the calmest song works best for me on this album. Piano, reverb, subdued beat, done. With under two minutes, it barely qualifies as song, more like an extended outro. But C418’s silent Minecraft soundtrack might have taught me to like this. Very much.

2. Daizy – Grandma

To complete the pattern, I point you to the most upbeat track: synth pads, busy beats, heavily sampled vocals.

Next up would be track #3 Hocus Pocus. Less busy, more representative of the whole album. But not as catchy as Grandma, so…

Release page (Bandcamp)
Release mirror (archive.org)